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Monday, November 19, 2012

Createspace Made Easy

Ever spend two days trying to tweak margins in Word to make a paperback on It turns out you don't have to.

I'm feeling a bit full of myself because I just did seven books in a day. In fact, I spent more time tweaking covers than margins. Add to that the two I did yesterday, and I'm feeling pretty good.

Save your .doc file as a new document, first.

Log onto Createspace and begin the uploading process. You'll need to do this to get your ISBN numbers.

Take the Word .doc and select all. Set the page size. I noticed that if you don't, you'll have inconsistent page sizes, the source of many of the troubles I had early on.

Set the page style to mirrored. Be sure to do this to the entire document, not just the section you're working on. There's a section of the page style dialogue for this.

Add your ISBNs and save it out as a .doc file.

Upload it to Createspace. When the dialogue comes up, just tell it to resize the document. Perfect margins every time.

Set up your cover and you're off to the races. Note: the cover editor is sort of buggy. If it doesn't take the first time, resubmit it.

That's it. It should take less than an hour to get a paperback published with this method.

Have fun,