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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some of the reasons I love you so very much

587. Your smile.
586. You're the sweetest girl in the world.
584. Random Declarations of Love Via Text.
583. I just love you.
582. Surprises.
581. Yum.
580. The feeling of time travel and destiny.
579. A peaceful, easy feeling.
578. Niceness.
577. Notes. Lots of 'em.
576. You inspire me.
575. Devotion.
574. Superlove.
573. You love me.
572. You're coming back.
571. You're going to marry me.
570. You make me crazy.
569. You make me happy.
568. You make me feel better.
567. I have always loved you.
566. The way you hold a baby.
565. The way you miss me.
564. You love me despite my flaws.
563. You care about my old family.
562. Rushing home because I miss you.
561. You made me a writer.
560. You're understanding.
559. All mine, forever.
558. You're stellar.
557. You're perfect.
556. And you don't even know it.
555. Ice cream shop.
554. We have the rest of our lives.
553. Inner beauty > outer beauty.
552. Outer beauty = wow.
551. Sweeter than sugar, without all the saccharine.
550. You're still here.
549. Wearing my dreadlocks as I drive my motorcycle into the pool.
548. Permanent marker.
547. Relentlessly, sincerely sweet.
546. My eastern star.
545. I love you, forever.
544. You waited for me.
543. We were friends long before Facebook.
542. You stay even though you don't want to.

541. 0,0,0 = <3 br="br" invaded="invaded" my="my" space.="space." you="you">

428. You moved your kids closer for their own good.
427. Cry.
426. Plead.
425. You make me beg.
424. Coupla yuppies...
423. Single female lawyer who married frozen caveman lawyer.
422. You're my best friend.

380. Who made whom?

14. She said, "Once, in LaGrange..."
13. You rhyme with month - orange.
12. Spending time with you.
11. She said.
10. By zero?

08. Member of the Luxurious Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.
07. You are a love scientist.
05. Cruelest dominatrix in the universe.
04. Please don't leave me.
03. Please don't go.
02. I'm sorry.
01. I love you.
     a) I have always loved you.
     b) I will always love you.