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Monday, August 27, 2012

Princess In Training

You've granted me serenity
And intelligence
If not wisdom
Now save me from being a fuck-up
And teach me self-control
I play Polish roulette
With a single empty chamber
I'd sooner lose my eyes
Than see the pain on your face
I don't want to be the flaw
In the oinkment
The clot
Clogging up the hourglass
I'll give you babies
And meals to cook
You give me warning signals
Before I cross the line, please
And not after
You're far too kind
And that's too cruel for me
Be a princess
Stamp your foot
Stick out your lip
And say "No"
I tried to relieve your worries
And instead gave you new ones
So I'm working even harder
Over here
On my end
It's lonely
And I worry about you
My love