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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Intro to Superlove...

Superlove was supposed to be the last novel in the Ultimate Hustle series. Instead, it's the last sane one. And that's also questionable, as it sort of documents the insanity of Chris and Janique, who have gone mad from too much money and power. And boredom.

Janique's latest video series was sweeping the nation.

Hollywood Handjobs was a study in barebones production value. A close-up of a manicured hand gripping Chris's neatly-trimmed cock against a backdrop of a bottom dollar motel bed. Women with names like Demi Whore, Jessica Handy, and Mary Kate and Ashley Wholesome put in Olympic-caliber efforts at tugging him off to a photo finish.

Unbeknownst to them, he was on one of Janique's custom chemical concoctions designed specifically to prevent just that.

Almost all of the actresses wore wedding rings.

One of the reasons it was their best seller of late was because it was their first-ever Chris Turner solo series. The hand was anonymous, and there were enough variances in the hand models to insure that all women were represented. There were even videos with models named "Fat Oprah" and "Skinny Oprah".

Overwhelmingly, the purchasers of the series were female.

There was no audio save for Chris's intermittent moans and groans, and the sounds of his eventual orgasm. The only other thing that could be heard was the labored breathing of the hand model as she earned every dollar of her pay the hard way.

Another reason it was so popular was because they were somehow very compelling. It was a three-part drama enacted without words. The introduction was always very hot, as the new hand met the celebrity cock for the first time. Some girls spat, some used lube. Some went rawdog on him for the entire session, leaving him battered and bleeding. Turnaround being fair play whenever possible.

The second act was a study in fatigue and desperation. The girls weren't even allowed to use two hands. Each started out confident that they, unlike the others, could get him off quickly and easily. You could see the realization set in after the first third or so of the hour-long production.

The final third was always intense, as they worked through the pain that accumulated in their
hands and wrists, wracking their brains for the technique that would grant them both release. Chris's orgasms were eye-popping. A full week's worth of semen would launch high into the air, erupting onto their aching and red fingers. They were some of the most intense climaxes in the entire Ultimate Hustle catalog.

The company has also quietly, nay secretly rolled out Brad and Leo's new encryption tech, which confounded even the most elite cracking crews. You simply could not watch Hollywood Handjobs in any format without paying for a copy. Even legitimate versions dumped to videotape mysteriously went black just before any person-to-person contact was made.

Janique had a backdoor deal with the electronics industry, in some cases literally, to insure that all video hardware would obey commands her studio embedded into their audio and video signals. The codes, however, were seemingly random, and had yet to be reverse-engineered.

This added a boost to sales as many eager pirates were forced to purchase a copy before they could even attempt to crack the PRM, Ultimate Hustle's unpatented Porn Rights Management system. It took hardware hackers several months to successfully copy even a single movie, Helen Cunt, the least popular title in the series. Even then, their copy went blank just before Chris came.

The video went viral, heralded as a triumph of hacking by the undernet of seedy geek sites like Slashdot and 4chan, media conglomerates she'd acquired years earlier. Downloaders who made the understandable mistake of watching the pirated video twice, the majority, found the video attached to their outgoing email messages, along with a personal message from Janique.

She appeared half-dressed in pirate garb, and mocked and taunted the amateur software thieves who were also some her best customers, and a big part of her marketing strategy. Other times, their computers would simply play the video at inopportune moments, flashing a link to

It was this aspect that landed her in court, charged with malicious hacking and engineering a trojan horse virus.

Janique arrived for the trial sponsored by Trojan brand condoms, and railed against the disgusting, disease-filled court system. Chris had written her an excellent rant.

The judge, a longtime fan, threw the case out after her opening arguments.

"You stole her video, and in doing so, infected your own computer?" the judge asked the plaintiff.

"Yes, sir."

"And now you're suing the company you stole from?"

"Yes, sir."

"Have this man arrested for copyright infringement. Case dismissed."

It was the most powerful marketing campaign of all time. Hollywood lined up to purchase technology that wasn't for sale at any price. The entire scheme was enormously complicated, and involved lots of corporate espionage, which had become her new favorite form of intercourse.

Janique fucked them for all they were worth. The real genius move was when she leaked the rumor that real Hollywood actresses were performing as their own x-rated doppelgangers.

Because it wasn't a rumor.

Her personal copies of the videos had full audio of the country's top stars saying scandalously filthy things to Chris in an effort to make him cum. Then the camera panned around to a full head shot as Janique the cameragirl told them to lick it off of their hands, starting with their wedding rings, most of which had been moved to their right in her one concession to comfort. Her early tests were conducted with their left hands, which was too agonizing for the girls to even finish.

Then she made them beg both her and Chris for his cock. Her versions ended with the two of them tenderly destroying the hand model in question.

Janique played extreme hardball to acquire her talent, stopping just short of the most reprehensible sort of villainy to get what she wanted. And perhaps things occurred that she didn't want to know about.

She laid back on the couch and touched her pussy. The room's lights dimmed, and her favorite Marilyn Monroe montage began to play on the 3D set.  It was a series of cumshots leading up to a full video of Marilyn dying at the hands of Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

Everyone who had ever seen or possessed the tapes before her had quietly vanished, replaced with body doubles in a few cases.

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