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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get Rich Quick off of Ebook Authors

There's a lot of potential reward for being an author, but it's a gamble. Even if you're the best writer in the world, like I am, you have no guarantee of financial gain.

But if you're a smart predator, you can just make money off of us authors, instead.

Book covers. Every writer needs 'em. That latest trend seems to be make your own generic, great looking covers, and let people pick them out and pay for them. So basically, study book covers and start making them, using filler text. Bam. Even if you're getting $25 an image, as some people are now low-balling, that's about $25 an hour, if you're good. $100 is the minimum, in my consideration.

And I suspect at some point in the future, cover artists will start to ask for royalties instead of a flat fee. That could be very lucrative.

But, hey, you say. I can't write, and I can't do Photoshop. I'm just a reader.

Hey, would you like to narrate an audiobook? ACX hooks up authors and narrators, and lets them split the profits from subsequent audiobooks. It's a great side market, and one less heavily infested, for sure. Most crap books don't make it to audio.

Six Stories Short & Sweet is only thirty minutes long. It would make a great test recording to see if you're good at it and enjoy it. There's money to be made in the ebook market. It's just not necessarily there for authors. But with an audiobook, it's win/win. You get an income from sales, and I get an audiobook recorded. And income from sales. ; )

If you read this, you know my books are pretty hot. Grab life by the lapels and start working for yourself for a change. An hour's worth of reading could translate into royalties in perpetuity. That is always a good investment.

Many thanks to Jacqueline Druga for urging me to submit my titles for audition...