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Monday, August 13, 2012

Download Cure for Sanity for Free All Week Long

Prail thought making a little brother for herself would be a good idea. Her equal. Someone she could trust. Instead, she got Pex.

Sent to Earth to overthrow it as a game, he's nothing but trouble. Instead of religion and politics, he pursues cigarettes and fish sandwiches, pop culture and poetic justice. Worse yet, he criticizes the sim itself.

Join Prail and Pex, Janique, High-C, President Gorlax, and a few other notable characters from history as they try to win the game of life against a cheating computer.

Volume Two of the Perfection Labs Series. Check out Perfect Me, Volume One, if you haven't already.

Contains explicit language and situations. Just so you know.

Free until Friday the 17th.