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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Hierarchical List of Ways I Shall Love Thee

A Hierarchical List Of Ways I Shall Love Thee
Missionary Position
            Knees to Your Head
Doggy to Froggy and Back Again           
            Reverse Cowgirl Toe Shrimping
Your Ass – Don’t Even Get Me Started
Your Incredible Delicious Precious Little Pussy
            My Fist
I want to dress and undress you in a thousand outfits of my choice
Bound and gagged, yet you render me immobile, foaming at the mouth
            Did my involuntary growling alarm you?
And yet, all of that considerable delight aside, my love, it is the fact that
            We have touched souls, and found we were perfectly suited for one another
For not only are you a vision to behold
Your touch is light, your heart sincere
I’m yours forever more