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Sunday, July 3, 2016

'The Lost Princess' from "Poetry: A Love Story"

Chapter 10 – The Lost Princess

Once there was a princess faire
Who lived her life without a care
She frolicked in the streams and parks
Catching fireflies after dark
And danced with flowers in her hair
She ran and skipped everywhere
Her laughter filled the castle halls
Upon whose stately walls
Her visage brightened every room
Prettier than a rose in bloom
She went to church with open heart
And studied hard the lettered arts
Pigtail braids and freckled nose
Swathed in all the finest clothes
With jeweled rings and anklets gold
She was a joy to behold

One day she ventured into the woods
This girl whose heart was filled with good
And came upon a wizened crone
Outside a cottage all her own
She smiled, hello dear
Whatever could have brought you here?
Cry pardon madame if I intrude
I didn’t mean to be so rude
And I may pay a dreadful cost
But playing now has found me lost
The woman answered in good cheer
Guests are always welcome here
And goodness child, you are so thin
You’re little more than bones and skin

Come inside, for goodness’ sake
And sit with me for tea and cakes
The room was dark and dank and musty
More than just a little dusty
But the girl said thanks and please
A napkin primly across her knees
Politely listening to tales
With which the woman did regale
Sleep did then but close her eyes
And gave her aged hostess rise
Sleepy child, come get in bed
And rest your pretty, pretty head
Our princess, unable to resist
Her mind enshrouded in a mist
Did exactly as was bade
And crawled into a bed unmade

And so without another peep
She fell into the deepest sleep
And dreamed the dreams of little girls
Pony rides and candy swirls
The sandman dusted both her eyes
While bony fingers caressed her thighs
In dreaming, she did turn and twist
Yet to have her first real kiss
A moan escaped her parted lips
As her body quivered under fingertips
Awakened by the witch’s cackle
Her hands were bound
Her feet were shackled
She trembled underneath her stare
The hag had stripped her body bare

The woman set upon her
Mouth upon her breast
The girl began to squirm
In the thralls of her caress
Tied with legs spread wide
Her future looked bleak
Perched between her knees
The witch began to speak
You’re like a young me
If perhaps a trifle thinner
I shall eat you, little girl
But it won’t be for my dinner
The witch began to laugh
Intent on being mean
She bit her on her inner thighs
And the girl began to scream

Her struggle only fanned the flames
Of the woman’s dark desires
Cry, my dear, all you like
For it will do no good
There’s no one that can save you now
In these enchanted woods
But a passing huntsman heard her cries
And leapt down from his horse
And rushed in to render aid
As heroes do, of course
As the door swung open wide
The girl began to spasm
Her innocence forever lost
She reached her first orgasm

The hunter’s eyes grew wide at the sight
Of the shocking tableau concealed by the night
The witch did arise with a bloodcurdling scream
And revealed dripping fangs – decidedly green
Her hands they did glow
With magic powerful and dark
Black smoke was issuing from her mouth
As her fingertips did spark
But the huntsman threw his axe
And it did travel true
It cleaved in two the witch’s head
Which exploded into goo
He untied the crying girl
And took her in his arms

The princess shuddered with relief
Safe and free at last
The hunter untied her, hand and foot
And covered the weeping lass
He swaddled her with blankets
And put her on his horse
He held her tightly with both arms
For the steed did know its course
They rode for hours in the pale moonlight
Through valley and through vale
The horse trudged onward through the night
Onward, without fail
Finally they reached the house
He kissed her on the head
Tucked her in both safe and sound
And tied her to the bed…

He kept her there until she was grown
In the woods, they lived alone
Each day he’d hunt and bring them food
And when alone she’d sit and brood
She missed her mother and father dear
And shed tears for many years
But she came to love the man
His caring heart and hungry hands
He would wipe away her tears
But his hands she also feared
Every time he had his beer
For when he drank, he’d pinch and slap
And push her head into his lap
Until sometimes she couldn’t breath
And afterward, she’d lie and grieve
But the man did love her so
And she knew she’d never go

The man did make his way to sea
In service to his bride to be
Seeking out a string of pearls
A present for his precious girl
He reached an island far away
Where griffins roared and wyverns played
For told was he by loyal friend
Of a hoard within a dragon’s den
With emeralds dear and rubies rare
Diamonds which were beyond compare
And in the dragon’s dining hall
Were sacks of gold ten feet tall
But what he hoped would be found
For his love, a golden crown
He donned his armor and his sword
And went to face the dragon lord

The great oaken doors eased slowly open
Although no one was there
And when a creepy organ played
The huntsman did grow scared
The pathways all were paved with bones
Of those who came before
Rotting flesh and pools of blood
Concealed the well-worn floor
And with each step the bones did crunch
His boots the weight of slate
To be this hellish creatures lunch
Seemed to be his fate
But no fiery blast met him there
The halls returned his echoes
Slowly, the huntsman shed his care
And the treasure did grow close

But up ahead he spied his prize
He scarcely could believe his eyes
Pearls the size of baby’s fist
Enshrouded in a glowing mist
And the second most beautiful sight he’d seen
A diamond crown fit for his queen
Cautiously he approached the vault
Bracing for some great assault
But perhaps the dragon slept or died
How else could he be inside?
And so with no further stealth
His hands reached for the serpent’s wealth
Both crown and pearls within his grasp
Our hero did then turn and laugh
But there came a flash and thunderclap
The huntsman found that he was trapped

Trapped inside the dragon’s cage
Our hunter had become the prey
And the sounds and distant rumblings
Made it clear the beast was coming
His greatest tries to lift the cage
Completely bent his vorpal blade
The bars of course were dragon forged
And stronger than a mortal sword
He felt the heat and smelled the smoke
Right before the dragon spoke
And when the wyrm did meet his glance
Our macho hero wet his pants
The creature spoke in mighty bellows
That shook the bones of our wet pantsed fellow
Your only chance to save your life
Is to take me to your lovely wife…

Up there where the angels fly
Is the apple of my eye
But bring her back please, safe and sound
And place her feet upon the ground
Caught within the dragon’s cage
And more so by the dragon’s gaze
Our huntsman, panting, in a daze
Did wet his cheeks with tears of rage
Beast, I beg you, spare my life
I’ll give you any gift you’d like
Just bring me home this very night
And take instead my tender wife

This wife of yours, is she most fair?
With creamy skin and flaxen hair?
Her beauty shames the firmaments
And she’s as sweet as any pie
Peer into my soul, dear dragon
And you’ll see I cannot lie
The dragon gave a snort and said
Yet you offer her as bribe
That seems a shabby way to treat
Your brand new blushing bride
Oh foolish man, I’ll spare your life
And accept her as my prize
But for you to sacrifice her so
The question does arise
How could a knave such as yourself
Be worthy of a wife?
It’s true, the man sadly said
And slowly bowed his head
One day she fell into my arms
Lost and so alone
Instead of keeping her free from harm
She was enslaved within my home

Her innocence I also stole
If it’s purity you seek
Said, the dragon, if she’s as lovely as you say
She’s pure enough for me
Now grab my neck and climb aboard
Be careful not to fall
I’ll take you there this very night
Ere the rooster calls
On leather wings, they flew all night
O’er hill and o’er dale
The huntsman clung tightly to his neck
And into the dawn they sailed
At last they reached the murky woods
Where the man both lived and played
Amidst the woodland creatures
With which he plied his trade

The dragon landed with a thump
That shook the earth itself
And woke our sleeping beauty
By knocking down a shelf
She dressed herself quite fast
Anxious for his loving arms
Her hero had returned at last
Safe and free from harm
She ran outside to greet him
But stopped short with a gasp
And saw the only man she loved
Within a dragon’s grasp

Oh, my wife, my precious love
For a moment I was weak
When captured by yon dragon
Whose treasure did I seek
And offered you to save my life
For that I am ashamed
So do not call me husband
For I don’t deserve the name
You silly man, I need no jewels
I’ve loved you from the start
Not for all the things you give
But for the treasure in your heart
So take me now, oh dragon fierce
My life is his to give
For in this world without him
I don’t want to live

The dragon pierced her with his eyes
And gazed into her soul
Then casually picked up the man
Swallowing him whole
Fell beast! she cried
And gave a little hiss
The monster then did scoop her up
And gave a dragon’s kiss
Our princess then cried out in rage
And struck him with her fists
Her tears began to fall like rain
For her champion she missed
The dragon stared into her eyes
As they stood face to face
While she looked in disbelief
A change was taking place

The dragon’s hide was rent in two
As thunder clapped and lighting flashed
And before her stood her husband
Clad in soot and ash
Oh, wife of mine, forgive me please
I am mortal, I am weak
But she pressed her lips against his own
And had no need to speak
He took her hand within his own
And led her to their humble home
They fed and bathed
She dressed his wounds
Their love did heat and light the room

They claimed the dragon’s kingdom
And the princess ruled as queen
Upon her head, the dragon’s crown
And on her hand his ring
Forever and a day they lived
And never did they part
For he had the body, mind and soul of man
But the love of a dragon’s heart…

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