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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

No 'Love' on Fetlife

I don't spend a lot of time on Fetlife. I've mined most of the interested women in my immediate area. Plus I've noticed that most of them aren't really wife material, my true goal.

They should be, logically enough. Submissives, slaves, extremely nasty women. But that alone doesn't make for a wife, of course.

You can describe any number of relationships on there. Single, married, polyamorous, in a wolf pack, is a slave of. The list goes on and on.

But there's no 'is in love with' option.

I find this to be a curious oversight.

I say curious oversight, because I am willing to bet that some 90% of the relationships on there are love-based. Give or take a few percentage points. Sex is fun. Rough, kinky, extreme sex, even more so. Perhaps I'm too romantic, but I've found that the best possible sex comes from someone you're in love with.

While I can have sex with someone I'm not "in love" with, and can respect women who perform shocking acts of sexuality (and really, everyone should - what's not to respect, there?), what really grinds my gears in a good way is being close to someone. Really, really close to someone.

And that option is not available publically on Fetlife.

Hmmm. Just an observation. I've probably felt at least some degree of affection for almost every female I've been with. It seems a pity to not be able to express that on a site designed for relationships.

Maybe I'll make the request. It could change the world.

Love. It makes boners bigger. Makes pussies wetter. Makes the ropes righter. The orgasms more intense.

It is the tie that binds us to our homes.