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Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Illest Verse Of All Time

I crack a little sneer at your common cocktail banter
Two steps to the left, cuz I'm deft as Eddie Cantor
I bring a compendium obscure straight from Loompanics
Epiphanic revelations shed light among the frantic
You can flip a few words, but that don't make you famous
I'll rip a full strip and trip, you'll get raped like Tori Amos
You're the weakest link, in this mind meld
Hand you a red shirt, and you get cancelled like Seinfeld
From the mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
I'm a wind in the door, inspired divine styler
This is the crucible, it's irreducible
You think you're better, but the feeling is mutual
Can't stop for death so you're along for the ride
I heard a fly buzz when you died
I throw aside the seventh veil, your artifice of superficiality
This carriage holds but just ourselves and immortality
From my stately pleasure dome decree
You fall flat in the face of educated MC
Iron man on a thing called horse
I'll carve my name into your fly-blow corpse
No sleep 'til Hammersmith
I'll spit mad shit straight from Zoogz Rift
So go decipher - I'll play the sniper
Come again, but not so hyper
A homeopathic dose of my Vogonic poetry
And when I flow it B, the motherfuckers all know it's me
I gotta give a thumbs down to your third-rate horror
Bloodsucking freak, I'm a fucking skull borer
From beyond - I'll check out your pineal
And once again, the effort is minimal
Armchair critique? I'll do you one better
Here's a bill, go find you an editor
I got Nietzschean styles - you try but you Kant
My stanzas bonanza cause your Pavlovian pant
I electrify like Nikola, and you're a half-baked Edison
High-C pulls the plug on your fucking bad medicine...