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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Forever Daddy - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 –
            The next day, Zöe left Trent a bullshit note (one thing she loved about him was how gullible he was) and took an Uber (on a credit card) to a hotel room she paid for (also credit). It was pretty sleazy, as hotel rooms go, but she’d been in sleazier. Much sleazier.
            She poured herself a shot of Jim Beam, then got ice and fixed herself a proper drink. Of Jim Beam. Then she ripped two medium-sized lines.
            Mentally prepared for whatever, she texted Jason.
            “I’m there. Same hotel.”
            “Yes! Same room?”
            “No, baby. Sorry. Room 404.”
            “Be there in thirty.”
            “You owe me a bottle of Jim Beam. Large.”
            No reply.
            Thirty-three minutes later, a knock at the door. Her heart fluttered.
            “Hey, tramp,” he said.
            She beamed. Jim Beamed.
            “Where’s my flowers?”
            She moved to embrace him, but he pushed past her and walked in.
            “Get on your knees, whore,” he told her.
            She almost did.
            “Where’s my bottle?”
            He rubbed his cock through his jeans.
            “Right here.”
            “That wasn’t the deal.”
            “I forgot. Your, uh, loveliness made me lose my mind.”
            “Then go to the store.”
            Zöe could be quite the dominatrix when circumstances dictated. Then she had a flash of inspiration.
            “Got any cash?”
            “You charge cash, now?”
            “Silly boy. I can get some coke…”
            “I’ve got forty.”
            “Well, I need eighty.”
            “Seriously. My guy is very touchy. But it’s decent, and he’s very generous.”
            “You’re not going to suck his dick, are you?”
            She batted her eyes at him.
            “Not unless you tell me to, daddy.”
            Somewhat shaken, he moved to leave.
            “Be right back. Try not to suck any dicks before I return.”
            “I’ll try,” she said, giggling. “No promises.”
            Zöe finished her drink, made another, then got out her bindle. She dumped a third of what she had into an empty baggie, eyeballed it, then took some back out.
            When he got back, she took the bottle and the money.
            “I think we can do business,” she told him. “He’s on his way.”
            “Can I come?”
            “Not now…”
            “I mean to pick it up.”
            “Okay. Hurry. I want to fuck you in the ass.”
            “Everyone does, dear.”
            She took the stairs. When she was sure she wasn’t followed, she went to the curb and sat down, out of sight, between two parked trucks. A beat-up green Chevy, and a beautiful new blue Dodge. Perfect.
            Zöe checked her phone. Three more texts. Three more stupid boys wanting to fuck. Sweet-talkers. Amateurs. When twenty minutes had elapsed, she waited for a few more, then slowly walked back up. Timing was everything.
            He was on the bed with his cock out, clothes on.
            “Started without me?”
            “I couldn’t wait…”
            He wiggled it at her.
            “Come on.”
            “Not yet. Time for treatskies.”
            She pulled out his baggie, two straws, and a razor blade. Ignoring him, she dumped a hefty portion onto the desk. He put his cock away, suddenly as interested as she was.
            Zöe started to put the bag away in her purse, and he grabbed it.
            “No problem, babe.”
            She started chopping and making lines. The ritual.
            “Fix me a drink, Jason…”
            When he went to do so, she ripped a huge line.
            “Hey!” he said.
            “Your turn,” she called out to him.
            But the lines she made for the two of them were much smaller. They snorted some more, and she engaged him in idle chatter. She loved to run her head when on coke, which was all the time, now. Zöe had precious little to say, though. She was essentially wasting his time. Intentionally. It didn’t really make sense, even to her. Not that she was prone to self-examination.
            “Let’s fuck, daddy,” she told him when they had finished.
            “Babygirl, I need a shower.”
            “Why? I like it dirty.”
            “My asshole isn’t clean.”
            She raised her eyebrows and smiled.
            “Strip,” he ordered her.
            “Yes, sir.”
            Zöe began to disrobe, not making a show of it, but in a perfunctory, business-like manner. When she was done, she presented her open palms at her sides. Perfect slave form. She had been studying the art. Subjugation of men.
            Without saying a word, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Taking his cock in her mouth, be began to unsnap his shirt, and rubbed his hairless chest. She unsnapped his sleeves and pulled them off of his arms, never releasing him from her mouth.
            She was good.
            Zöe took his shirt off and placed his hands on her neck.
            Gently, he squeezed her throat. His cock still wasn’t very hard. And it wasn’t very big to begin with. Then she pulled his pants down to his knees. Still smiling, he took the length of him, such as it was, and grabbed his ass cheeks, digging her nails into his flesh.
            “Easy, cunt,” he told her.
            She spit his flaccid cock out like flavorless chewing gum.
            “Don’t tell me what to do, you little bitch.”
            Jason had nothing to say to that.
            She raked her fake nails, powder blue, ornamented with silver zodiacal flare, from the top of his gluteus maximus to the undercut bottom, drawing blood, and leaving marks for the fiancée she knew he had. Not that he had ever told her so, or would admit to such.
            Zöe did her homework.
            Each and every one of them would pay for hurting her. One way or another.
            She had been raped before. Many times, since she could remember, starting around age five. She kind of liked it. At the same time, she was seething with hatred.
            Deservedly so.
            No man would ever possess her heart. She no longer believed in love, or even knew what it was. It was as abstract to her as a vacuum. As meaningless as literature to an insect.
            Then she spread his ass wide, as hard as she could with her meager frame and emaciated, atrophied musculature. It was enough.
            “Ow! Crazy bitch!”
            Zöe smiled her best ‘good little girl’ smile, and rubbed his dirty asshole.
            “Don’t,” he told her.
            Ignored. No one told her what to do. She only listened to her father, and he was long gone. All she had was her adopted mother, whom she loathed, and photographs of him.
            She slid two of her fingers into his asshole. Roughly. They went in to the second knuckle, and hurt him badly.
            Zöe vaguely recalled the first time it had happened to her.
            She had just turned twelve. Two boys, probably seventeen and eighteen, had plied her with beer, shitty Milwaukee’s Best, until she was good and drunk. Then they lit a joint. Her first. She smoked cigarettes, of course. Ever since she had been able to operate a lighter. So she had expected something like that.
            Instead, the room began spinning almost immediately. She felt good. Nearly nauseous, but not exactly. And that was from the beer, really. The combined effects left her utterly defenseless.
            Sensing that, the boys began grabbing her tits, already c-cups, through her shirt. Zöe was too incapacitated to offer any resistance. In fact, she giggled. Within a minute, her tits were out, and her pants were down. They sucked her nipples, both at the same time, and the older one began pulling her pussy open.
            That’s when she began to protest.
            He pulled her down to her knees, and they took turns keeping her quiet with their dicks in her mouth. At seventy pounds, she was hardly a threat. Both were fairly big, and rough. Her eyes welled with tears, and her esophagus began to tear and bruise as a result.
            That ended when she puked all over one of them. He shoved her back in disgust, and almost slapped her.
            The other dragged her by her hair and bent her over a picnic table. They took turns fucking her pussy until they neared orgasm. Then the bigger one shoved it up her ass without fanfare.
            Zöe screamed into his hand, and even bit him.
            To no avail. He pushed all the way into her relatively dry, virgin asshole, until she felt like she was being stabbed with a hot knife. It was a relief when he finally came. When he pulled his cock out, it was wet with blood.
            The second boy hurt even more, and when he finally squirted, he punched her in the back of the head.
            They high-fived, and left her, collapsed and sobbing, in a public park at night. It’s a wonder she wasn’t raped by someone else. But within two weeks, Zöe was hanging out with them again, now willingly sucking them off and getting fucked in her ass. Life was funny.
            She ignored Jason’s discomfort. He was a worm, to her beautiful bird. She plunged her fingers in to the hilt, and he screamed in pain and rage.
            He slapped her across the face with his right hand. His strong hand. If his cock was still in her mouth, she might have bitten it off. But he had lost that privilege. Zöe collapsed to the floor and sobbed a bit. Then she arose. Smiling.
            She had him right where she wanted him. She loved the illusion of control.
            Zöe rubbed her now dirty fingers under her nose, and pantomimed applying lipstick. Then she smacked her lips.
            “I’m ready for my close-up, C.C. Deville.
            She took a single step forward.
            Jason took a step back.
            “Kiss me,” she told him.
            “I don’t kiss whores.”
            “Then get the fuck out of here.”
            He studied her face.
            “After you give me my coke back,” she said. There wasn’t a hint of amusement in her expression.
            He took the plunge. She kissed him forcefully, trying to break his lip. Zöe bit him. Her tongue danced in his mouth.
            He retched.
            She stopped.
            “Let’s do some coke, baby. Mama wants to fuck.”
            She sat down at the writing desk and crossed her legs. When he approached her, baggie in hand, she snatched it. Zöe dumped half of it onto her beloved plate. For special. From her mother.
            “Come here, lover,” she told him.
            His pants were still around his ankles, shoes on. With one hand, she set him up a line. With the other, she dumped some coke on his withered cock. Handing him the straw, she fell to her knees once again.
            “You may do one line, boy.”
            Zöe began to lick his cock and balls most delicately, savoring the taste. The numbness she sought found her immediately. Since it was her personal supply, it was uncut. So was he. Delicious. He bent over and did his hit, dividing it between each nostril, then put the straw in her hand.
            She ignored him for a time, then looked up at him.
            “Spit in my mouth, daddy.”
            “You heard me…”
            She resumed her activities.
            “How can I do that with your mouth on my dick?”
            Zöe spit him out again, and opened up her mouth like a baby bird.
            Weakly, he allowed a small drop of spittle to fall.
            “Thank you, daddy,” she said, smiling.
            She picked up the razor and gave him a bigger line. Again, he subdivided and conquered it.
            “Now do it right,” she told him.
            He cleared his throat, and spit a wad of snot into her mouth, this time with a hint of maleness behind it.
            She licked the spatter off of her lips slowly, making a lascivious show of it.
            “Want me to suck it some more, baby?”
            “Of course.”
            “Magic word?”
            “Uh, please?”
            She smiled again. Whenever she did so, she was absolutely irresistible. Always had been.
            Zöe stood and led him by the hand to the still-made bed.
            “Lay down, baby.”
            He did as instructed.
            “Mama’s gonna powder your hiney…”
            Jason smiled.
            “Spread your legs for mama,” she said.
            He grabbed the back of his knees and pulled. Zöe dumped half of the remaining coke on his cock, balls, and asshole.
            “Don’t move, little baby.”
            She packed the straw and blow a shot into his left nostril, then repeated the process on the other. He was really feeling it.
            She ran her fingers down the back of his calves, lovingly, caressingly. He watched her go down until all he could see was the back of her head. When her tongue touched his balls, he groaned. With great delicacy, Zöe explored every nook and fold. she took them into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Then she licked his cock up and down, softly, cleaning every bit of coke off of it.
            When he finally started to get semi-hard, she plunged her tongue deep into his asshole. Ravenous, she worked it in and out as deep as she could. She rubbed her lips and chin on it from top to bottom. Then she began to spiral from the outside in, until he was relatively clean. The coke was gone.
            Zöe poked her tongue in and out a few more times, and then she was done.
            Smiling more broadly than ever, she said, “Do I look pretty, daddy?”
            Jason failed to respond.
            Disappointed, as usual, her tone changed dramatically.
            “Make it hard so you can fuck me.”
            “Suck it some more.”
            “Why should I do all the work, sweetheart?”
            He tried his best to get his cock hard. After a few minutes of effort, he gave up.
            “Sorry, Zöe. Maybe later.”
            But ten minutes after that, she had an emergency text from her mother.
            “I really have to go. You can stay in the room, and I’ll be back as soon as I can, okay?”

            She didn’t come back.