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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The People Who Built The Future

The future is almost upon is. Well, it's here. And it's gone again. But another will be by presently. There it goes. Anyway.

The future to which I am referring, however, is the future of entertainment. Science. Politics. Education. Pornography. Ah, now I have your attention.

This fall, Sony will launch their PS4.5 VR Headset. Not AR, like I told them to do, but, still, a respectable VR headset (they've already revamped the PS4 to accommodate it, pushing nearly half of human vision, resolution-wise). As consoles go, so goes the PC, with the Oculus Rift set to break all VR sales records in the U.S.

Microsoft boys will be playing catch-up for years, with their ambitious but entirely rigged demo of Hologram (or whatever it's called). It is closest to my particular vision of AR, but still some time off.

At any rate, my point, if I ever have a point, is that the people who helped build this future are too numerous to mention. And I hate to drop names.

I'm lying, of course. I love to drop names. My friends are the best, the smartest, the most interesting people in the world. Techies. Writers. Artists. Sexy girls. Brats.

Together, they've fused a new fusion of singularities. Remember (no, probably not) when I hyped my own vision of AR way back when? It was a concept theater I failed to pitch to Dreamworks. It was cool. Very cool. But impractical. for various reason.

But being a futurist has a few advantages. Eventually, your past catches up with you, and walla (sic), the things you once dreamt of are now feasible. In this case, it's my theater concept.

The original design was a bit unwieldy, but it would have allowed hundreds of people to watch hundreds of different films on the same shared big screen, revitalizing Hollywood. Because, you see, it would allow them to release the whole of their back catalog to theaters. Ka-ching.

Not to mention, function as a meeting place, educational center, gaming universe, and who knows what else.

But, as I said, a cool concept, not really ready for prime time.

Now, however? Within five years, you'll bring your own hi-res smartphone to a movie theater, slip it into a reusable headset (or bring your own, much cooler one), and BAM. Watch any movie you want, alone or with friends. Start and stop it when you want. Pause and go to the restroom. Heck, watch it while you go to the restroom, if you so desire.

Sony, Apple, Samsung, and others are expected to join forces on this one, with others vying for the crucial infrastructure contracts. (Google and Amazon being the big contenders.)

So, when you're watching 'I Know What You Did In The Hood Last Summer 12' a few years from now on your 3D, hologram-enhanced AmigaPhone (kidding?) at Cinemark or whatever, remember that one annoying asshole saying "I told you so."

That would be me.

I love you, Kiki Stockhammer...