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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Next School of Film-Making

I used to write academic papers on the future of entertainment. Okay, once. I once wrote an academic paper on the future of entertainment. It's a enjoyable, often grueling process that I recommend to anyone. You will learn a lot, and develop a formal style, rigorous research skills, and become able to support your hypothesis. If it's valid, of course.

But now? Pffft. Why bother? I can just as easily crap out a blog post that achieves the same thing, and more, in a few minutes time, establishing myself as a visionary without all that tedious mucking about in academia.

Matrix style video effects are quite popular, and not as difficult to achieve as one might imagine. It just takes a bit of ingenuity and persistence.

But... think ahead a few years. It's okay.

Did you? Good.

Now think again.

If, instead of a GoPro (which is marvelous for capturing perspective video - video shot from eye level, ala Google Glass), you floated a halo of, say, 64 cameras over each actor's head at eye level (removing them in post-production via something similar to line-removal technology), you can use computers to interpolate the tweens.

The result? You can now walk around inside of films, or view them from any angle or perspective. From the POV of each actor, or from any arbitrary point in the scene.

VoilĂ  - the next school of film-making is upon us.
Beyond that, with enough processing power, it becomes academic to convert old movies into 3D VR experiences. The technology to take existing video and break it down into layers is an old one. We now have the ability to do it in real-time. Or even faster than real-time.

So, get to work, you lazy engineers and VC sharks. The film industry is dying, soon to be supplanted by the new tech. Either get on board, or wither and fade to black.

The real jammy is going to be a literary interpreter that will allow you to convert plain text into AR/VR experiences. But that's some next level Kyle Gass Project stuff you're not ready for.

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