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Friday, March 25, 2016

Janique (Ultimate Hustle) - Kitsune

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. To Janique, her great crime was that she hadn't been back to Japan in five years.
After all, she'd gotten her start there. But more to the point, she loved it there. Foreign kinky was entirely different from domestic.
She and Chris had fun, but in reality had worked around the clock. Their every waking moment was spent hustling. Japan was something to be savored, slowly. They had devoured Tokyo like a couple of Big Mac meals.
Plus she knew that Tokyo was no more Japan than New York was the United States. Actually, she knew a lot more than that, having read quite a bit on the country over the years out of simple interest. She couldn't do a week. She needed a month, at least.
Plus the numbers were right.
Janique's approach to international sales of Ultimate Hustle products was to not do them. Officially.
Unofficially, she was her own biggest bootlegger. She was also her only bootlegger of note, which helped. It worked out about the same, due to the tariffs, duties, sanctions, taxes, packaging changes, legal nonsense. But the cash was hard to deal with.
It was starting to pile up in a untidy way. To her, it was an abstraction. It's not like she ever saw it or came anywhere near any of it. But she had people who kept track of it. Amounts like this, now meaningless to her, a couple million here, five million there, could get people killed.
The people she hired would definitely kill to defend it. She didn't really want that to happen, either.
Janique didn't break the law...unless she really had to. So she felt it was time to go legit.
She was going to go big, of course.
When the time was right, she would flip the switch, and turn the low steady buzz of sales in Japan into serious legitimate cash. Conveniently, she would also keep her bootlegging side, but legitimized from her end. Now she would just sell in bulk to bootleggers.
The way she could do that would be to include less expensive packaging, which she hated. She couldn't do that with an authentic Ultimate Hustle movie. The twist would be that she would be bootlegging the American releases. In Japan, she would take a different stage name altogether.
She gave Chris the direction he needed to write the script, filling him in on her take on things, and then giving him the research material she had accumulated.
On her end, she had her sketch artist and body makeup expert work with her on costume design. When they had something she and Chris both loved, she commissioned the piece that would tie it all together.
It was a nine fox-tailed buttplug. Something that would make no sense in the states, but would have serious cultural significance in Japan.
Kitsune meant fox. But like everything in Japan, it meant much more than that.
There were stories dating back centuries, even artwork, depicting foxes as shapeshifters. Shapeshifters who kept their tails, and sometimes tried to trick men into breeding them. But the more cunning they were, and the longer they lived, they gained additional tails.
Kitsune also literally meant “come and sleep”.
She loved it. There was just so much she could work with, there.