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Monday, January 11, 2016

Erotica - Hero/Antagonist

“Take a break, Daddy...” Kitten said. She glanced at his word count for the day.
“Did you-”
“Thirty eight hundred and forty six words.”
One eyebrow raised in amusement. In other words, easily twice his morning's output.
“I lost a bit in the revision, of course.”
“Kitty, Daddy has-”
“Less than two hundred words left.”
“And I have to-”
“Collect rejection notices?”
“Query literary agents.”
They both knew a break could entail three hours.
“Let Daddy finish...”
Technically, she didn't disobey him. She did, however, kneel silently by his side. It wasn't enough to just grab his cock like she wanted to. That wouldn't have been attention getting enough. Instead her fingers walked along the carpet and up the leg of the chair and she sang a tuneless little “la la la” theme song.
His resolve was impressive as he did his best to tune her out. But judging by the number of errors and drop in output, he was failing badly.
Her little hand found his cock, and he had met her halfway. She gave it a squeeze out of pure adoration, and lapsed into silence. As he began to swell, she focused on stroking him through his pajamas with exquisite slowness. She timed it to his keystrokes, and by the time he was finished, he was strained to bursting.
He closed the laptop and turned to face her. He never understood how she could make her face shine, but he was convinced she did. That was what he lived for, that glow.
He kissed her on the forehead, and then stood up.
“Edit it,” he said, and walked off.
“I'm kidding, Kitten. Be right back...”