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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Profiles in Success: Shayna Gier

Who says you can't be successful with one book? Shayna, to my knowledge, has *one* published novel, Stuck in Estrogen's Funhouse. It's available on several sites and formats. I consider her a huge success. She's put a lot of energy and focus into promoting her title, and doubtlessly building up anticipation for future releases. 

I got eighty-six visits from her website to my blog today. That's sort of above average, but I get most of my blog traffic from Shayna. 

How does she do it? A simple formula of reviews and author interviews. It almost seems too simple. Shayna reads and reviews books. Shayna regularly interviews authors. Shayna drives traffic to her site and others. Unlike some authors with a combative mindset, she works with other indie writers with a "rising tide carries all" attitude. And it works. She's brilliant.