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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making Money with KDP

A lot of people don't seem to understand how to turn free books into sales with Amazon's Kindle Direct Program. I really didn't know either, until recently.

Assuming you're enrolled, set up a two day promo. Of course, the more reviews and higher rated your books are, the better.

Then, a month in advance, do your work with the free book sites. I use this list from Katrina Williams, which is wonderful:

The trick is to start charting well right around the time the promo ends. And it is a good trick. That's where the month lead time can help assure you get listed on as many sites as possible.

When the free days end, you should see sales for at least a few days after. Another approach is to cancel your promo when you are charting well, but I don't feel this meshes well with the free book sites that are promoting you. It will still result in sales, though.

That's it. Go make some money.