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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My First Volume of Poetry

Wow. Seven published books, now. This one is definitely a labor of love. Anyone who writes poetry for money is either a rapper or works for Hallmark. The payoff for a poem is the pleasure you can give someone else with it.

I think I have achieved that. These all rhyme, are all sentimental, and are everything a 'serious' volume of poetry shouldn't be. One has already been used in a wedding ceremony in Canada. Plus I was told it was the best anniversary present ever...if I never sell a single copy, I'll be happy with that.

Poetry: A Love Story - $.99 / Free All Weekend

But since I can't publish excerpts due to Amazon's short-sighted KDP policy, here's one I forgot to include:

It was the night before Christmas
And all through the palace
Not a creature was stirring
But a young princess named Alyss
She tossed and she turned
In her panties and gown
She turned the heat up
She turned the heat down
But she couldn't relax
On a night such as this
When surely her name
Was on Santa's list

She was the naughtiest princess
In a four-kingdom span
Too old for her dolls
Too young for a man
Her stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
But still she had on
Her laciest pair
No visions of sugar plums
As she lay in her bed
For she had other thoughts
Filling her head

Would he bring presents
Or would he bring coal?
Could he be coming to spank her
Or lecture and scold?
She was giddy with exhaustion
And her toes they did tingle
As she awaited the arrival
Of the one they call Kringle
At last she heard footfalls
At the top of the stairs
She knew what was coming
But still she was scared

He crept in her room
Barely making a sound
And slowly proceeded
To pull her sheets down
"Why Santa, what gives?"
She said, sitting up.
"Those aren't the stockings
I want you to stuff..."
Said Santa, "I'm sorry, Alyss my dear
But Santa's had too much holiday cheer
Now since you're up
From your cold winter lap
Climb out of your bed
And into my lap..."

Her prayers had been answered
She was nothing but good
She considered his offer
And decided she would
The princess so happy 
She beamed with delight
And squeezed Santa's neck
With all of her might
He kissed her cheek
And then pulled her tight
Merry Christmas to all
And to all, a good knight