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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shayna Gier's Gone Crazy

Author Shayna Gier, who wrote the fabulous 'Stuck In Estrogen's Funhouse' is having a giveaway attack. Help her out, would you?

There's just 3 days left for the Small Blogs Big Dreams giveaway hop and do I have big dreams for

Yesterday, just passed 1000 visitors in 30 days! To celebrate, I'm opening up a 6th prize pack IF I can get one of the widgets on the side to say there's 50 followers. So if you'd please twitter/facebook/email and just share the heck out of this link I'd appreciate it! There's already 25 or so followers, so 25 more shouldn't be too hard to grasp, right?

And money is tight, but if we way overshoot (100+ followers) I'll add more winners accordingly.

Thank you for helping this giveaway be a success and for participating!

Shayna Gier


Oh, and Radar Love is free this weekend and next. Which Shayna is giving away for me, as well. Doh!