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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Petition Amazon To Remove Thumb

Amazon's great. Unless you don't like them. They sell my books. I have no qualms with them. But within this great framework lie problems. Just little, niggling things. Simple to fix, but instead slow to die.

As the owner of this comment said on some message board, "Tell me, then, why George R.R. Martin's books, which are FANTASY, sit atop the SCIENCE FICTION category?"

(List also culled from user complaints on message board.)

Missing sub-categories that should be standard.
Completely miscategorized books.
Misplaced subcategories (Dark Fantasy is under Sci-Fi?  Really?)*
Misfiled books with poor response time to fixes.

But the real problem is that damn beige bar that sits there all month when you don't sell books.

Look at the light brown under blue green turf. Topsoil. Dead and buried, it says. Skies filled with smoke and soot. Pollution, desolation. Your book is sediment, settled to the bottom of the rushing Amazon to stilled waters. Observe how it mimics racism, with we poor relegated to the darker earth tones in contrast to the open air above. It's a battle of elements.

Or just a crap design choice that no one paid much attention to. They don't realize how much time people spend staring at that bar. While I'm on the subject of Amazon's book sales/or not, doesn't it bother Italy that they are somehow below what I am going to just assume is Estonia in the country rankings?

So, Amazon. Get your head out. Hire some sharp indie writer to seek out, research and correct these things. I bet a bunch of 'em need jobs. And give the end user the power to make the little brown bar any color we want!

* Cheeky comment belongs to original poster, whoever that was.