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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Poetry of "Perfect Me"

Woot! Massaged five manuscripts into .mobi files in one day. BMF.

The last, a ninety-five thousand word beast, is converting as I type this. Which leads me to (cue horns), another giveaway. A big one for me. I lost my mind and made my last two books Amazon exclusive, plus renewed the above thriller in question.

So, for the next five days, Pageburner, Zombie Killa and Six Stories Short & Sweet are free to download for the Kindle. Now with nice new formatting, tables of contents, named chapters and such. Sorry if you received a crap copy in the past.

On a related note, do you know how to refresh an Amazon book that's been updated? I sure don't. I have to email new copies to my Kindle, which is a good workaround, but consumers can't do that. Seems like a real problem. I'd like it if books at least had the option to auto-update.

I realized how I started messing up the files on Amazon while the Smashwords versions looked great. I'm pretty sure I used to upload filtered .htm files, and for some reason, one day uploaded a .doc file and then just ran with it. If you ever just briefly read the Amazon guidelines, the first thing it mistakenly says is that you have to upload a .doc file. Incorrect, of course, and you shouldn't. If you read on, this is clarified. If not...

But, good deal, I learned a lot about building a .mobi file, that's for sure. Email me if you ever need help.

So, now I have an amazing amount of control over the layout of my books, and I'm thrilled. CSS? Putting the next books together will be fun. Speaking of fun, as I sit here at five a.m. massaging documents, I thought I'd publish poetry excerpts from Perfect Me and Radar Love. Now I realize that I probably shouldn't, for legal and contractual reasons. Apparently this is a violation of Amazon TOS for the Kindle Select program. Doh!

Meh, it was a nice gesture. Enjoy the books.