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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Love Writing

First of all, and I'd love some comments, where are the really kick-ass new writers of our time? Where, in this vast oceanic digital surge of flotsam, are the great stories, the great story-tellers?. Yes, I hear there's gold in sea water, too. But by all accounts, we should be hip-deep in great, enjoyable books that have an impact on us all. I don't see it.

There seems to be less of a shared experience ahead for readers, as they wander the thin end of the long tail looking for their stories and authors. Books used to be a somewhat collective experience. Solitary, but enjoyed with millions of others. A slice of shared history, holding you in common with complete strangers. That can't help but be lessened. Offset perhaps to a large degree by the social media experience that will surely enrich the readership of many, one hopes.

I love writing. I can read about it for hours...

If you're a musician, you may read about it to a degree, but mostly you practice. Even musicians practice writing. But where does their inspiration come from? Presumably from within, influenced by music they've enjoyed.

Writers are put in the unique position of requiring vast amounts of input, via reading and research, or experience. That's great, to a degree. My point is, it's easy to get caught up in the editorial side of the craft. It seems like everyone is selling an ebook about how to sell everyone an ebook. And I don't know about you, but I really don't need to workshop. Sorry if that sounds sort of snobby.

Unless you are a kick-ass writer, nothing will help you, in my eyes. Because I don't necessarily want to sell the most (lie!), I want to write the best novels out there. It's fun to read about, but what is there to know? $.99, $2.99. $4.99. Fiddle with prices if you want, but just keep your head down and build a respectable library. Most of all, learn to acquire patience.

Acquire readers as patients. Take them somewhere else, show them a new perspective. Bring them back a little happier, a little sadder. If you can achieve more than that? Wow.

Then get them addicted.

Give them more of what you want. It's your writing they're interested in, after all. Now, I appreciate you reading this, but, please, get back to writing or editing soon, okay?