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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Forever Daddy - Chapter 7

Forever Daddy

Zoe went home and looked in the mirror. She wanted to die. Briefly. After pouring a stiff drink, she pulled her legs up on the couch and cried. Roscoe barked for her to let him up, and she held him close and rocked as she sobbed. He licked her face, tickling her, and eventually she smiled, worries forgotten for a time.
She switched on the TV and got her plate. Coke would make her feel better.
But it didn’t. She was almost out, and it was four days until payday. Not that she had extra money for it anyway. They’d have to let a bill slip past due.
Zoe really didn’t care anymore. Their finances were already a total mess, and she saw no way out. Her prince was a toad. Her degree was useless. She barely made enough money to live, much less maintain the levels of coke and whiskey she needed to get by.
She almost called Rita for dinner and drinks which she couldn’t afford anyway, having maxed out all of her credit cards and overdrawing her bank account, but then she remembered the hideous bruise on her face and thought better. People were starting to talk about her at work, and she didn’t like that either. Plus, Trent was AWOL, and probably would remain that way until she got paid.
Her hands shook as she doled out some of the little coke she had left. As was often the case, she got a text from a number she didn’t recognize.
“Hey whore,” it read.
“Bring a fifth,” she replied. “No. A half-gallon. And I need to ‘borrow’ $50.”
She was worth at least that much, she concluded.