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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Forever Daddy Chapter 12

Forever Daddy

                  Zach decided to check out this Fetlife thing. Mainly to talk to Zoe. He only had room for one girl in his life, but he didn’t see it working out between them anyway. So he’d might as well see what’s out there. He had to sign up to access the site. He tried the user name Zach, but is was taken. Naturally. He used an underscore, and the first initial of his last name, and he was in.
                  Immediately, he was bombarded with photos of tons of people in his immediate area, both men and women, professing enjoyment of every kink imaginable. He scrolled down the page, wishing he could filter out the men, and realized he was almost vanilla as far as kink went, compared to most of these people.
                  One thing he really didn’t understand was submissive men. There was definitely no shortage of submissive women, however. That was pretty much all he knew, dealing with porn stars. But he also knew that only applied in front of the camera. Off-screen, they were almost always pushy and demanding. A huge turn-off. The few that were actually sweet to him, Audrey, for example – were already married.
That was an interesting dynamic… the married porn star. He marveled at the level of love, trust and commitment that had to require. Then again, he was very sure he could achieve the same thing for the right woman. But she’d have to be perfect. Not physically, but mentally.
Men were often more jealous creatures than they cared to admit, himself included, but a woman insecure in her relationship, or with herself, would probably never be able to handle watching her man fuck another girl.
Zach’s libido was pretty outrageous, even according to many porn stars. Some enjoyed his stamina, but it was always disappointing when one rushed him, or expressed her displeasure, no matter how subtly. He never revisited anyone who did.
He clicked at random profile and began to read. Protected by… slave to… There was no mention of love whatsoever, which struck Zach as odd. Worse yet, this particular woman had an extensive list of hard limits, something that turned him off to no end. The only acts off limits to the women he enjoyed were things he never really considered.
Zach was a man who craved total acceptance. He knew he was capable of great acts of devotion, if only he could get the same in return. The whole website was incredibly discouraging to him. Everything about it was. He wanted a sexually adventurous wife, but this somehow didn’t seem like the right place to find one.
Naturally, his thoughts turned back to Zoe. He typed in “Bratty Princess Zoe”, and her page came up. He clicked, and there she was. There was only a solitary photo of her face obscured by her hair. Zach knew he was in love.
That was even more depressing. How could he possibly compete with a man that she stayed with even though he hit her? He didn’t even want a girl like that. His wife, should he ever find her, would be devoted, but strong enough to never tolerate actual abuse. Pretend abuse was another story.
Her page said simply “submissive single”. There were no rules listed, no list of kinks she enjoyed. His first thought was that she had finally kicked her boyfriend out. Smart girl. Somewhat enthused, he messaged her.
Subject: “Hello, Zoe”, he began.
Message: “Hi. This is Zach. I met you at Starbucks, and you gave me this website. I’d love to take you to dinner sometime and get to know you better. Zach, Zen Construction.”
To his initial delight, she responded immediately.
“Oh goody! I love Mexican food. Vegan. When?”
Disturbed by the unanswered question, he wrote back.
“Anytime and anywhere you want, of course. Are you single now?”
A longer delay, but within five minutes, she wrote him again.
“No. But don’t let that stop you LOL!”
He was crushed. So much so that he closed the page, almost in tears.
Life was funny.