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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Forever Daddy - Chapter 5

Truth be told, Zoe gave very little thought to Zach after their brief encounter. He was just one of dozens of customers she flirted with on a daily basis. out of a hundred or more she met each day.  Sometimes she didn’t even recognize people she had slept with unless they said something that reminded her.
                  As was the norm, Trent was decent to her for a while after he beat her. Not good. Not loving. Not apologetic. But decent.
                  At this point, decent simply meant not hitting her for a day or so.
                  Sometimes she gave thought to their relationship and wondered what she should do. That line of questioning was usually quickly abandoned, because no solution was apparent. She still loved him, he stayed with her. So there was nothing she could do, in her mind. She hoped things would change of course, and she tried in her  own way to influence him in that regard, but the coke and the whiskey definitely didn’t help anything, nor did their perpetual money problems.
                  She occasionally did consider leaving him, though. But their dealer was his friend. His connection. The one time she’d thrown him out, she’d been cut off for three miserable days until she was forced to call him and apologize which would ordinarily have been outrageous, even to her.
                  But she was addicted.
                  He didn’t deserve all the blame, but it was Trent that had gotten her strung out in the beginning. Now, as much as she hated to admit it, he and cocaine were inseparably linked in Zoe’s mind. She couldn’t think of one without the other. And she really needed her coke. Not nearly as badly as she needed her whiskey, though. She began each day with a shot. Then another. Then a highball glass. And then tumblers, which followed one after another until she fell asleep.  Given the amount of coke she was now snorting, sleep never came until late into the night. She also barely ate anymore.
                  Animal lover though she was, her twin black cats received little attention aside from refills of their food and water bowls. Her puppy, Roscoe, fared a bit better – cuddling with her when she slept or napped. But they were all starting to be ignored in what had now become Zoe’s one track existence.
                  Making things much, much worse, unbeknownst to Zoe, Trent had taken to occasionally kicking them in her absence. Had she known that she’d have left him. But she was by now blind to such thoughts. And trapped. By emotion. By circumstance. By manipulation.
                  She lashed out in the only way she knew how. By cheating on him. Often.
                  It was easy to do. Trent was almost never home except to sleep, take her money, or do her coke. Plus, he was impotent from it, and rarely, if ever, affectionate in any way unless he wanted something from her. That didn’t help things at all. Zoe was frequently horny. And he was usually angry.
                  She was now getting so fucked up every day that her life was essentially nothing but a string of objectively terrible decisions. She willingly allowed herself to be used by strange men. Badly. She got texts from random numbers at all hours of the night these days.
                  “Can I come over and fuck you in the ass?”
                  “Sure! LOL. Bring a bottle, though!”
                  These propositions kept her in booze. And if she got really lucky; in coke, too. Sometimes she didn’t even remember who had been there the night before. She’d awake bruised and cut with a sore throat and sometimes with clumps of hair on the floor. Whoever came got her drunk enough to effectively rape her, do any coke she had, and leave before she knew what’d happened. They never cuddled. They never stayed. They never left a note or a number. If she awoke with a sore ass she assumed she’d had a good time and left it at that.
                  Being cared for was no longer a consideration. Whiskey, coke, and random sex with strangers were all that remained. It was no life for a girl as smart, pretty, and kind as Zoe. But it was all she had.