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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Penultimate Hustle: L.A. - Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Happening
It was the day of the big event. Tokio stayed over in the girl's room with Mia, Gia, and Lateesha. He eventually had to beg them to let him rest.
Akira and Yumi were given the honor of being the first to spend the night in the medieval room. It was unlike anything they had experienced before, and became a second blissful honeymoon for them both.
When Chris and Janique arrived, there was a Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce parked out front. They assumed it was a client visiting the law offices downstairs.
“Good morning, Janice,” Janique said.
“Good morning. Northwest Video accepted your terms. I put five hundred thousand in the bank today.”
“Wow. Great news! Thanks.”
“It's especially impressive when you consider that the escort income alone is covering the rent and utilities, and both stores are showing a profit.”
“I know! It's so exciting. But we have a lot of contract salaries to cover.”
“Have you considered doing your own publicity to promote the films? The right event could put you over the top.”
“I'll have to think about that. Is everything ready for tonight?”
“The bedding and dividers are being set up now. The limos and security will be here to pick everyone up at four. Doors open at six.”
“Are you coming?”
“Me? Goodness, no. Don't be absurd.”
“Aww. If everything's under control, I think we'll go to breakfast.”
Janice nodded.
Less than an hour after she and Chris left, the girls came en masse to Janice's office.
“Aunt Janice, we're bored. Tokio says he's sore,” Gia said.
She pondered the situation for a moment, then gave her a hundred dollars from petty cash.
“Go to the store and get buckets, towels, and soap. The Rolls downstairs needs washing.”
“Yay!” the girls said.
When Chris and Janique returned, they found the girls out front in panties and wet t-shirts, drawing a crowd.
“What are y'all doing?” Janique asked.
“Washing Ms. Janice's car,” Lateesha said.
“This is hers?”
The girls all nodded.
“Stop,” Chris said. “These towels are going to scratch the finish.” He pulled out a hundred. “Go to Pep Boys and get chamois and a hose, bee's wax and Armor All. Then come see me.”
“Yes, sir,” Gia said.
Upstairs, Chris said, “Janice, those girls don't know how to take care of a car like that. What are you thinking?”
She shrugged. “It's just a car.”
“Just a car? It's worth their entire contract.”
“Meh,” Janice said. “It's only money.”
“I could never see myself having that attitude.”
“With the money you're set to make, you will. The girls are happy. That matters to me.”
“I guess. It's just that car. Wow. I was thrilled to get the Camaro.”
“You'll lose your blue collar prejudices after your first twenty million. After your first fifty, things start to get weird. By the way, I called a few news channels about tonight's event. Expect TV and radio coverage...”
“Sounds like a good idea. I hope they don't interfere.”
“With the security you have, they'll never set foot on the property uninvited. Neither will L.A.P.D.”
“That's good. Because-”
“You hate cops. Yes, I know.”
“We're back, Mr. Chris,” Lateesha said, behind him.
He turned to look at her, and a thought occurred to him. “Better have a thousand t-shirts made, too,” he told Janice. “Male and female, mixed sizes and colors.”
“I'm on it.”
He gave the girls instructions on how to care for the Rolls.
“Here's a key to the water outside. Hook up the hose and refill the buckets with clean water. How did you fill them the first time?”
“In the kitchen. Then we took the elevator,” Mia said.
“Work smarter, not harder. Anyway, use the chamois to wash the car, and rinse everything often. Use lots of soap. Then dry it with clean ones. Don't leave any water, or it will spot. Armor All the tires and rims. The bee's wax is for the glass and wood interior. Wipe it on clean, and use another one to wipe it off. Got it?”
“Yes, sir,” Gia said. “Sorry, sir...”
“Not your fault.”
“Can we all suck your cock, Mr. Chris?” Lateesha asked.
“No,” he said, then felt bad about being so harsh.. “Maybe later, okay?”
The girls smiled, and went off to finish their task.
By three-thirty, everyone was showered, shaved, and dressed. Brad, Dana, and Leo were off setting up the computers. The four girls were in their room, so excited, they were wet. Poor Kiki had to babysit, missing it entirely. She was happy to have Dulce spending the night with her, though.
Chris and Janique were sitting in Janice's office, when two of the biggest dudes they had ever seen walked in. They looked like they had just come from the prison weight pile, complete with red bandannas on their heads, except for their tailored Brooks Brothers suits.
“Hello, Rid, O.M.B.,” Janice said.
“Hey, Miss Janice,” Rid said. “How you been?”
“Good, thank you. How about yourself?”
“Doin' good. It's nice to stay out of jail. O.M.B.'s learning to play bass. We're gonna cut a record.”
“Oh? How exciting. R & B?”
“Rap. Hip-hop, it's called.”
“I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the genre.”
“Check it,” Rid said, and nodded at O.M.B., who began making drum sounds with his mouth.
“Once upon a drive-by...” Rid began.
When he had finished, everyone smiled and clapped, having never heard anything like it before, except for Chris, who had heard a few raps in prison.
“Hmm,” Janice said. “It's almost like ultra-violent beat poetry. Interesting.”
“We gonna take over L.A. with this,” Rid said. “The first Samoan rap group.”
“Not my speed, but I wish you boys luck,” Janice said.
“Y'all ready to roll?” Rid asked.
Everyone nodded, and began to head downstairs to the limos, ready to make history.