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Friday, December 23, 2016

Is Nicotine Vapor Radioactive?

It's no secret that tobacco contains Polonium-210 and Lead-210, ionizing radiation. Wait, what? You didn't know that? It is common knowledge in the scientific community. Even the CDC now talks about it. But I believe the scientific community has known since 1961...

So, the nicotine juice for vaping comes from the same tobacco used in cigarettes, and a more potent variety used for smokeless tobacco (dip), Rustica. A casual analysis tells us that the radioactivity is still present in vapor products, although it's likely that it's there at a lower level. There remains a possibility that it is concentrated, however. The only thing we can be sure of is that no effort is made to remove it, if that's even possible.

So, while vaping removes the carbon monoxide aspect present from smoking tobacco, it likely includes the radioactivity element, as well as particulate metals from the vape units. Possibly a net gain, from a health standpoint, but also not a panacea in regard to making nicotine use healthy.

While I'd love to pay for an independent analysis of vapor in order to fully answer this question, I feel safe in concluding that, yes, nicotine vapor is radioactive. Curiously, Google Scholar has no such studies available at present, which I find to be unusual, given that vaping is such a hot topic in the past few years.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Forever Daddy Chapter 16

Forever Daddy

                  Zoe was actually happy for a change. Things were pretty good with Trent, or so she thought. Plus she had a new friend. A male friend, who was sexy and kind. One who just wasn’t trying to use her for sex. She didn’t understand it, but it felt good. She fucking wanted him though. More than that, she wanted him to want her.
                  In a change of routine, she found herself checking Fetlife often now, and ignoring anyone other than Zach who wrote her. There was something about the way he talked to her that made her genuinely feel good. He acted like he respected her. Cared about her, even. He called her by name, and sad to say, she didn’t get that often. It was weird how just a few message exchanges could change her perspective.
                  Life was funny.
                  “I have a master’s in philosophy”, she wrote him. “I graduated summa cum laude.”
                  Later that day, he wrote, “That is quite impressive, Zoe. You’re obviously very smart.”
                  She smiled broadly at that. Zoe was smart, and she knew it. But she hadn’t heard it from anyone else in years. Trent often told her she was stupid.
“What discipline?”
                  Hmm. So he was pretty smart, himself. She didn’t expect that from a blue collar worker. Fucking shit workers, Trent called them. He worked in IT, and she thought he was super smart as a result.
                  “Animal ethics.”
                  That evening he wrote again.
                  “There’s no such thing as animal ethics.”
                  She felt frustrated at this.
                  “Of course there is, silly rigger. I have a degree to prove it. It’s a branch of philosophy concerned with the care and treatment of animals. I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat, cheese, milk, or use animal products.”
                  “I know,” he wrote back. “You told me.”
                  “Did I?”
                  Zoe’s memory began failing when she started drinking heavily.
                  “Yes. But my point is, that’s a misnomer. Animals don’t have ethics. You’re talking about human ethics concerning animals.”
                  “LOL! I never thought about that.”
                  “You studied it for, what, six years, and never considered that?”
                  “No. LOL!”
                  “Furthermore, the entire field is subjective.”
                  “But animals have rights!”
                  “Zoe, humans don’t have rights…”
                  “Of course we do!”
                  “No, we don’t. There are no rights in nature. Rights are just something we agree to grant one another. Or try to. Used to? An ideal. Didn’t you study the origin of rights in school?”
                  “I’m not sure. LOL! I was sort of wasted all through college. I worked hard, though.”
                  “I’m sure you did. It’s a tremendous achievement. I just wish it amounted to more than what you’re doing.”
                  “I know. But when Trent’s band makes it…”
                  “How old is he?”
                  “Zoe. I hate to break it to you, but he won’t ever have a paying career in music.”
                  “Because it’s largely a young person’s game. I know a lot of talented musicians. But it’s a hobby for them, generally speaking. They all have day jobs.”
                  “Trent has a day job.”
                  “What does he do?”
                  “Sorry. But that’s not much of a career, nowadays.”
                  “No. Twenty years ago, yes. But people jumped on the bandwagon, and drove salaries down. Now the remote stuff is outsourced overseas. Networking is glorified cable pulling.”
                  “You’re just saying that because you don’t like him.”
                  “No. I mean, I don’t like him. But that’s your business. When I started out, IT guys were making eighty thousand a year, plus benefits. Now it’s fifty, if they’re lucky.”
                  Zoe was hurt.
                  “At least he works indoors! He’s not a shit worker like you.”
                  Zach was hurt.
                  “Medicine, construction, and farming are probably the most noble professions there are.”
                  “Farming? That’s not noble. It’s terrible. Animal farming, I mean.”
                  “Farming is what enabled populations to grow. It feeds the world.”
                  “Killing animals is wrong. They think and feel like us.”
                  “That’s true. But are animals more worthy of consideration than humans?”
                  “Most of them… LOL!”
                  “Good point. Do you know that plants also feel pain?”
                  “No way.”
                  “They do, and even express it.”
                  “You’re lying.”
                  “Look it up, Zoe. Relatively new research. But if I say something, it’s usually true, or I don’t say it.”
                  “I will.”
                  She didn’t.
                  “People don’t need meat, now. We have lots of other sources for protein.”
                  “That’s also true. But that’s for the privileged. Regular people can’t afford to eat that way. Plus, people like meat. It’s a personal choice.”
                  “It’s unethical.”
                  “Subjective. Not empirically true.”
                  “You’re an asshole.”
                  “That’s true. I’m sorry. I can only speak honestly. Do you have pets?”
                   Zoe was expecting an insult in return. A fight. The question disarmed her.
                  “Yes. A puppy named Roscoe. I love him so much! And two metal kitties.”
                  “Metal kitties?”
                  “They’re evil! They steal, they love to party. And they’re gay brothers. So metal!”
                  “Are they fixed?”
                  “Of course!”
                  “What do they eat?”
                  “Cat and dog food, silly! Animals can’t survive on a vegan diet. I saw a story about a couple who tried, and their kitty died. So sad.”
                  “Yes. But you’re telling me it’s somehow ethical to spay or neuter them for your convenience, and feed them animal products?”
                  “It’s not convenience. We can’t overpopulate. And I can’t raise too many animals. I’m poor. Well, poorish. As for their food, animals eat meat in the wild.”
                  “Pigs, cows, and chickens?”
                  “No. But that’s all that’s out there.”
                  “Your ethics seem rather flexible.”
                  “I love my babies!”
                  “People evolved eating meat, too…”
                  “Well, I don’t. Ever.”
                  “No. They’re not raised ethically.”
                  “What if you raised them yourself?”
                  “That’s actually a good question. A lot of vegans wonder about that. If I had free range chickens of my own, I probably would eat eggs. But LOL! I live in the city, anyway.”
                  “From a health standpoint, meat is bad. I’ll admit. Beef is radioactive, Chickens are full of arsenic, They’re all loaded with antibiotics and PCBs. Milk and cheese are full of all that too, plus blood and pus.”
                  “Yuck! Radioactive?”
                  “Grass-fed beef are raised on grass grown with radioactive fertilizer, just like tobacco. That’s why they’re bad for you. Polonium-210 and lead-210, ionizing radiation akin to plutonium and uranium.”
                  “Wow! I had no idea. Do you eat meat?”
                  “I love it. I confess. But I’m not overly concerned with my health. Regardless of my views, Zoe, I think it’s an admirable stance you’ve taken. It shows real thoughtfulness and compassion.”
                  “Of course.”
                  “Trent thinks it’s stupid.”
                  “Not commenting on Trent, but it’s not stupid. And neither are you.”
                  “Would you eat vegan food?”
                  “I would. For the right person.”
                  Zoe got a text. Trent was coming home, with someone for her to fuck.
                  “Gotta go, Zach. Talk to you later?”
                  “Of course. Goodnight, Zoe.”
                  She got in the shower, strangely elated. She was happy Trent was coming home, but mostly she was happy because of the exchange she’d had with Zach. It was so nice to have someone to actually talk to, who understood her perspective.
                  For a time, things were good. A time measured in hours.

Forever Daddy Chapter 15

Forever Daddy

                  Zach had already been avoiding Starbucks because of the way Zoe made him feel. Nothing seemed worse than caring about someone who didn’t share the same regard toward you. But still he felt bad about leaving her hanging all weekend.
                  In the parking lot at work, he went through the process of logging in on his phone – a huge pain in the ass. It was just a common courtesy, he told himself. He tried to think about his upcoming date with Ashley Blue to take his mind off things, but it was no use. For whatever reason, the troubled girl at the coffee shop resonated far more deeply with him.
                  He found her “Hello?” response, and hit reply.
                  “Hi, Zoe. How are you?”
                  She wrote back immediately.
                  “Fine. When are you going to come fuck me, Mr. Zen?”
                  It was tempting, despite her situation. At the same time, it was depressing. There was no way in hell she was wife material, which was all he really wanted. Sex was easy to get. A companion, someone to share his days and nights with, that was worth searching for. But Zoe was obviously a dead end. He was tempted to just delete his account, move on, and try to forget about her completely. Instead, he wrote her back.
                  “You’re very sweet and beautiful, Zoe. But I’d never make love to you when you were with someone else. If you’d cheat on him, you’d cheat on me, and I’d never tolerate that.”
                  She replied, “That gives me sadz…”
                  “I’m sorry. But we can still be friends. I’d really like to get to know you, just not under these circumstances.”
                  “Yay!” was her response.
                   Thus began their electronic friendship. Zach wouldn’t allow himself to see her, because she made him weak in her presence. He did like the idea of having a friend aside from the people he worked with, and women he fucked. Later that day, at lunch, he checked his messages. Zach disciplined himself to wait until then, although everyone else used their phones at work all day. There was a new reply.
                  “So what do you do, ‘friend’?”
                  “I’m a rigger,” he wrote. He was guarded enough not to tell women right off that he was a superintendant. Money tended to distort their view of him, and he wanted someone to want him for him, not for what he could provide. “I attach things to cranes with lashing, straps, shackles, things like that. Just a construction worker.”
                  “So you’re good with ropes? Fucking yum! Sexy hardworking man. I bet your hands are rough!”
                  Ordinarily he’d enjoy the innuendo, but each word hurt.  He wanted her.
                  “I do know about thirty different knots, but we mostly use steel chokers and nylon slings.”
                  “I wish you’d put me in a sling and choke me…”
                  This was going to be hard.
                  “Well, it was great talking to you, Zoe. I have to get back to work. I hope you’re having a good day. Take care.”
                  He almost typed “I love you” before he caught himself. What the hell was wrong with him? Zach waited for his hard-on to subside before he got up and went back to the site.
--> -->

Forever Daddy Chapter 14

Forever Daddy

                  Trent came home that Friday, and Zoe was grateful. He actually hugged and kissed her. It was so unusual. She was in heaven. There was a moment of trepidation when he said, “Give me some coke.”
                  “I’m all out, baby. I’m sorry. I love you so much, Trent.”
                  “I’ll call the dude.”
                  “I don’t have any money, baby. The rent was due, cable, electricity… It’ll be okay. We can cuddle and watch TV, and make love.”
                  Zoe smiled, revealing her dimples, and bit her lip. She was scared, but hopeful. To her surprise and delight, he held her head and kissed her hard. Her heart fluttered. It was so unlike him. Maybe he was really changing? At that moment, she didn’t want coke, or even a drink. She wanted to be loved and cherished. And it was happening. Zoe hadn’t been this happy since they’d met.
                  She grabbed his cock through his jeans as he kissed her, unhooking her bra with her other hand. He took her cue. Trent pulled her shirt up, exposing her bra – black, like everything she wore – and Zoe gasped. Her pussy was instantly wet. He pulled her bra up and her pendulous breasts fell, gigantic for her tiny frame.
                  “Baby…” she said, and he kissed her again.
                  His large hands found her hard nipples, and he started pinching them hard between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes watered, and she gasped between kisses, biting his lip, her tongue fluttering in and out of his mouth. It hurt, but she could easily endure any amount of pain inflicted out of love. Zoe was in ecstasy. Trent pulled her nipples out and upward, stretching her tits to the limit, shaking them roughly, one after the other.
“That hurts, daddy…”
                  She really didn’t care though, and she liked that he didn’t care either. She needed a strong hand. A champion and protector to tell her what to do and keep her in line. A nasty daddy that loved her more than anything. Without warning, he released her nipple, letting her breast fall, and slapped it hard enough to make her wince, drawing fresh tears. They were tears of joy as much as they were from the pain.
                  “Do it, daddy! Beat my big little girl tits!”
                  He obliged her, holding both of her tiny hands behind her back with one of his own.  She knew she’d be sore in the morning. Zoe bruised easily. He beat them both with open handed slaps across them, then switched hands and repeated the process from the other side. She cried, and he pressed his mouth against hers to silence her.
Eventually, the pain was too much, as was her excitement. She wrenched her hands free and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She dropped to her knees on the tiled floor and took his semi-erect cock deeply into her mouth. Zoe moaned. Her tongue flicked against his cockhead, circling it, licking the ridges, pushing her tongue against his glans. She sucked as hard as she could.
                  Her pussy was dripping. Being taken by the man she loved was so much better than the rough anonymous sex she was growing accustomed to. She wanted to marry him. To be his wife, his slave. To stay home and wait patiently each day for his imminent arrival. Zoe cupped and fondled his balls, stroking his shaft until he was almost hard. With her free hand, she worked her black yoga pants and panties down to her ankles, and slipped them off. It was exactly what she had dreamed of as long as she could remember. To be forcefully taken by a man who loved her more than all the world and would never leave her.
                  For Zoe, it was the happiest she’d ever been.
                  He was almost hard, for the first time in months. She knew what to do. She stood and pulled his pants down, then pushed him onto the couch facing away from her, mad with passion, aglow with love.
                  “Make it hard,” she told him. “Fuck me, daddy.”
                  She plunged her tongue into his asshole. It was the dirtiest one she’d ever had, especially since she wasn’t drunk, and her tongue wasn’t numb from cocaine. But she didn’t care. She reached around him and jerking his cock as she fucked his ass with her tongue – a wildwoman, at this point. Possessed by a demon called Love. She rubbed her lips up and down across it, then swirled her tongue around it until it was clean. His cock was about as hard as it ever got now. Zoe slapped his ass hard, heedless of any possible reprisal for her actions.
                  “Bad boy…” she told him. “Fuck me, daddy.”
                  She hopped up on the couch beside him, and spread her legs wide, exposing her delicate, perfectly shaped pussy. Zoe began rubbing her clit with one hand, and pulling on her nipples with the other. She would do anything to excite him. She had so much love to give to the right man. And Trent was the one. She just knew it. Things would be different from now on. She was sure. She would give him her all. No more cheating. She’d cut down on her drinking, quit doing coke. She’d cook, and clean, and…
                  She lost herself to the fantasy.
                  When Trent touched her pussy, she almost came instantly. He never ate it, ever, but this was good. Close enough. He rubbed her with his oversized hand. Trent was a foot and a half taller than her, and ten years older, either of which was enough alone to drive her crazy. But it was the affection he now showed her, the deep love that felt for him, that inflamed her passion. He put three fingers in her, which was one two many, ordinarily. She didn’t care. Zoe would delight in the pain, if that’s what made him happy.
                  “Fuck me, daddy! Please!”
                  But when she reached for his cock she felt that it’d already gone soft again. Instantly, she blamed herself. She was too fat. Not pretty enough. Too aggressive. A slut. Some way or another, not good enough.
                  “I’m sorry, babe,” he said.
                  Zoe opened her eyes.
                  “Do you love me, daddy?”
                  “Sure, babe.”
                  She beamed.
                  “Then it’s okay, my love. Kiss me…”
                  He did, but his passion was clearly fading.
                  “Do you love me?” he asked her.
                  “Of course, silly! So fucking much!”
                  “I want to watch somebody fuck you.”
                  Her brow wrinkled, momentarily. A new wrinkle.
                  “Yes. Very much.”
                  “Is it okay?”
                  “Of course.”
                  Her face became serene.
                  “Anything you want, daddy. Always. I’ll do anything you want me to.”
                  “Are you going to be a good little slut?”
                  “Yes, daddy.”
                  “A nasty little fucking whore?”
                  “Oh yes, daddy!”
                  “Daddy’s little piece of shit?”
                  These words, which had been used to hurt her in the past, had become badges of honor in her mind now.
                  “Daddy’s little piece of shit! A nasty fucking whore cunt! The dirtiest slut in the world… Who, daddy?”
                  “Don’t worry about who.”
                  “Yes, daddy. Whatever you say.”
                  To her surprise, Trent got up and got dressed. But she didn’t say anything, just sat smiling and waiting for whatever he was doing. Had she not been blinded by love, she might have realized what was happening.
                  Trent went outside, where a friend was waiting.
                  “She’s ready. Seventy-five.”
                  “Fuck. What the fuck? You said fifty.”
                  “She’s really hot to fuck.”
                  “I guess. Here’s sixty. I’ll get you the rest later.”
                  Poor little Zoe had no idea she was being pimped.


Forever Daddy Chapter 13

Forever Daddy
Chapter 13

                  Zoe didn’t get a response after fifteen minutes, so she wrote back.
                  Oh, well. She had no shortage of dinner date offers. Not that she ever ate more than a few bites during them. She usually drank twice the cost of the food each time, and often had a fridge full of nothing but restaurant leftovers. Sure she sucked them off in the parking lot. Before dinner, if they insisted. They always insisted afterwards if they didn’t beforehand. If she was feeling horny, or needy, and Trent wasn’t home – which was often, she had them get a bottle, and brought them home.
                  Zoe didn’t even undress most of the time. She’d be pushed to her knees on her ceramic tile floor as soon as they walked in the door, cock shoved down her throat. She was a tiny girl, but they never cared enough to take it slow and let her stretch it out a bit. Just shoved it in and tried to gag her. Luckily, most of them had average cocks, at best. If she actually liked them, or they were cute and she was feeling particularly nasty, she’d lick their assholes. Inevitably, she would be bent over the couch and fucked hard in the ass. Which was fine. It became what she was used to by now. And she never wanted to get pregnant.
                  To her credit, if the rare person wanted her oft-neglected pussy, she insisted on a condom. But Zoe wasn’t always lucid enough to insure that happened. It was a wonder she had never gotten pregnant, or anything worse than gonorrhea, which happened twice – once in her pussy and once in her throat. She hadn’t even known that was a thing. Half of them were Trent’s friends, or bandmates, which weren’t always in the same group.
                  Zoe fixed a drink, and cut a few lines, and settled down to watch TV. Someone would call or text her. They always did. She told herself that she didn’t care if she heard from Zach again or not. There were plenty more dicks in the sea. And she almost believed it. She checked her Fetlife account three more times that night, to no avail. Finally, she fell asleep on the couch, Roscoe sleeping on her legs, clutching a pillow to her chest.

                  Her dreams were happy ones.