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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Penultimate Hustle: L.A. - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Surprise

The next morning, they entered the offices to hear Janice's daisy-wheel printer buzzing as it printed out part of her manuscript.
“Good morning, Janice,” Janique said. “How's Mr. Chaucer?”
“Hello, Janique. He's as bawdy as ever, thank you.”
Janique giggled.
“Listen, I'd like to apologize for that crack. I realize you received a formal education. I just didn't think you'd actually paid attention.”
Janique smiled. “You're still worrying about that? Don't be silly. I'm sorry I called you a crazy cat lady.”
“You didn't.”
“Better yet. Anyway. How's the new computer?”
“Most excellent, madame. In fact,” she said, handing her a print-out, “here are the calls we received from the ad so far.”
“The ad's out?'
“Not until Monday. I suspect it's from the staff at Variety.”
“Wow. That's a good sign.”
“Three clients. Let's schedule two tonight, and one tomorrow night. I want the girls to work in pairs, for safety's sake.”
“No problem,” Janice said.
“And tell Payback to get his ass over here.”
“Shall I tell him as tactfully as that?”
“Heh. Tell him however you'd like.”
“Very well.”
“We're going to need more girls, too.”
“Shall I run another ad?”
“We need to think bigger. Let me ponder it for a while.”
Janique went and switched off the cameras, and then checked on Mia and Lateesha, who were still sleeping, curled up in each others arms. She smiled and closed the door to let them sleep.
Chris was already typing in a program from Compute's Gazette on his Sixty-Four, joint in mouth, mug of coffee on his desk.
“Check this out,” she told him, switching on the videotape. They were treated to an intense session between the two girls, who were both sweaty and very vocal, with a lot of sixty-nining and fisting.
“Nice,” Chris said.
When they began to scissor each other, Janique said, “I love tribaldism.”
“It's pronounced 'tribidism'. The 'L' is silent.”
“Whatever. It's awesome. I'm going to get them some toys.”
She set about making calls, and soon found a receptive supplier who would give them free toys in exchange for promotional considerations. It was Ultimate Hustle's first sponsorship deal.
The morning's bliss was shattered when Gia walked in crying.
Janique moved to embrace and comfort her.
“Oh, honey! What's wrong?”
Gia hugged her tighter and said nothing, her tears soaking Janique's shoulder.
“Chris, get out,” she said, and he took his coffee and magazine without saying a word.
“Talk to me,” she told her, setting her down on the couch.
“I need money for an abortion. I'm p-pregnant.”
“Pregnant? But you took a pregnancy test a week ago, and had your tubes tied.”
“I guess the test was wrong,” she said, and started sobbing harder.
Janique stroked her back and tried to soothe her.
“But why do you need an abortion?”
“Because I need this job!”
“Sweetie, you getting pregnant isn't a deal-breaker.”
“But I'll be all fat and ugly!”
“Pregnant women are beautiful, silly goose. They glow. Big lactating tits... And they get crazy horny. I hear the third trimester is all anal.”
“Do you really think so?” Gia sniffed.
“Didn't you have any aunts or anything?”
“Were they fat and ugly?”
“See? With your body type, I bet you're back in shape in no time. A little lanoline every day, and I bet you won't even get stretch marks. I want to have a baby, too, you know?”
“Do you?”
“Absolutely. I haven't sprung it on Chris yet. But I was thinking he and I could make a movie each month, as I get bigger. A 'miracle of life' sort of series.”
“That's funny.”
“Is it? I think it would be superhot. Anyway, we could do a pregnant series with you, or just finish our your contract before you start to show. My point is, it's not the end of the world.”
“Do you really think so?”
“I know so. What did the baby's father say?”
“He doesn't want anything to do with me,” Gia said, starting to sob again.
“That's low. Want me to have his legs broken?”
Finally, Gia laughed. “Yes,” she said with a smile.
“It's gonna be all right,” she told her, and held her until she was cried out.
When she was finished, Janique said, “You were going to be my party girl, you know. Drinking at all the best clubs. Dancing, showing off the lifestyle. My recruiter. But I think I have something better for you. How would you like to run the print shop?”
“Are you okay with living in Beverly Hills?”
“Are you kidding?”
“I'd never joke about something like this.”
“Oh, Janique! I love you...mommy.”
“I love you, too...Perfection. In fact, it's even called Perfection Printing already. I don't know why I didn't think about it earlier. Why don't you go there today and start training?”
Gia smiled, he mood considerably brighter.
“Okay. Thank you...”
“Janice will give you the address. Call me later. We have some jobs, but I'll send your sisters for now.”
“How can I ever repay you?”
“Just be the best mommy you can be. The rest will take care of itself.”
Janique found Chris sitting in Janice's office, his nose still stuck in his magazine.
“Is everything okay?” he asked.
“Minor crisis. It's solved. No worries.”
“I've arranged tonight's escapades two hours apart,” Janice said. “They're both in Hollywood.”
“Payback will be here shortly. You know, Janique, according to the terms of the lease, you can't make major modifications, like the changes to the bathroom you're proposing.”
“So...” Janique said.
“Don't say it,” Chris said.
“ the building.”
Janice paused and considered the rent, occupancy, and value of the location.
“That's fairly brilliant. Between the money you'd save on rent, and what you'd bring in, it could
actually pay for itself.”
“See. Smartypants? Janice, can you research it further for us?”
“I'd be delighted.”
“And ask Brad to come in when the girls get there. I'm going to wake them up. Chris, care to join us?”
“Do you need me?”
“Oh, I need you. But not for this.”
She switched on the cameras. And then slid in between Mia and Lateesha, who awoke with her hands on their pussies...
They emerged about an hour later, just as Payback arrived.
“Girls, this is Payback, part of our legal team. Take care of anything he needs.”
“Hey, Payback,” Lateesha said. “I'm Fuckface.”
He laughed.
“Well, hello. But you can call me Melvin.”
“Girls, I have a lot of work to do. Go down to the store. Dana will teach you to run it. After all, you're running it, now.”
“Yippee!” Mia said, excited. She and Lateesha exchanged high-fives.
“Do either of you know any other girls that are up to our standards? You have two jobs tonight, and one tomorrow night. I expect many more to come.”
“I only know gangsta bitches,” Lateesha said.
“I have one I can recommend. Maria. She's an ex-girlfriend.”
“Is she hot?”
“Very. I only fuck the best,” Mia said, looking at Lateesha.
“Then have her come in for an interview tomorrow. Now get to work. And don't scare Brad!”
Payback produced a stack of contracts from his briefcase.
“I shared up what you and Janice came up with. It was good. Quite good, actually. Now it's airtight.”
“Good deal,” Janique said.
“Here's what I put together on the store deal. The guy is shrewd. That sector is set to explode in coming years. But I think we can get him down to seven point five percent above market.”
“Do it.”
“Either way, he makes out like a bandit.“
“Come see...”
She led him into his office, where craftsmen were building ceiling-to-floor bookshelves on either side of the room. Natalia sat in a corner on the floor, sketching out new designs.
“Natalia, this is Payback. This will be his office.”
“Hello,” she said. Then to Janique, “His desk is on the truck.”
“We need another office set up Get with Brad when he gets here, and see what his needs are. Can I look?” she asked, referring to the sketch.
“Sure,” Natalia said, getting up.
Janique flipped through the drawings, and was impressed. What she considered the Princess room went beyond her own imagination, and looked like something out of a fairy tale. The dungeon, on the other hand, look scary. Perfect.”
“These are great, Natalia!”
“Thank you. It's all sixteenth century reproductions.”
“Both rooms?”
“Yes. I thought we could connect them, so I kept them both in the same period.”
“That's brilliant. But do they have to be reproductions?”
“On this budget? Yes.”
“What if I tripled it? You've done great at keeping costs down, so far.”
“I may be able to do that.”
“Find out. Now, for the bathroom, I want lots of lighting, a double shower with lots of jets. How about a jacuzzi?”
“Sure. Why not?” Natalia said. She was becoming used to Janique's excesses.
“I want the whole thing tiled, with drains in the floor. Do you know what I mean?”
“I'm afraid I do. Ick.”
Janique laughed. “Did I mention a bidet?”
“I'll incorporate one. But we would need more space.”
'Tear out the supply closet. I notice you haven't done any work on your own office.”
“I don't need much. Just a desk and a phone. Maybe a couch to take naps on.”
“What about a computer?”
“I hate computers,” Natalia said. “Useless for design work. Impersonal.”
“That's up to you. We'll talk about the nursery later, okay?”
Janique handed the sketchpad back, and Natalia resumed her work. In the hall, she asked Melvin, “Well, what do you think?”
“Honestly, I'm blown away. Those shelves are wild. That's oak.”
“Befitting your status as a lawyer. Get used to it. How's school?'
“School is school. I mean, it's okay. I'm doing well. But I'm actually learning as much working for you as I do there, at this point. More, actually. School is all theory. The real world is a bit different. Ultimate Hustle is like a crash-course internship.
“And Tokio's case?”
“Favorable. I think we can pull it off. Now that he has a real defense team, I think he'll walk on the murder charge.”
“Good to hear. What a system, when defense, prosecution, and judge all work for the state, eh?”
“Yeah, it's pretty corrupt. Most of the public defenders are good people, just overworked and underpaid. The D.A. calls the shots, though. It's the nature of the beast.”
“And the child porn charge?”
Melvin smiled. “We're suing the girl for fraud.”
“Are you?”
“Yes. My idea. It will bolster the case for retrial considerably.”
“That's brilliant!”
“Thanks. So far, we've been unable to locate her. It might result in a summary judgment against her.”
“What's that?”
“If you don't respond to a civil case, you can lose by default.”
“Wow. How much are we suing for?”
“Five million.”
Janique whistled.
“We'll never see the money, but it does lend some seriousness to the proceedings. We're talking about a man's entire life, here.”
“Right! Say, I have a, um, skull at home. I'd like to put it on my desk. What are the legal ramifications?”
“Eek. Is it Hazel's?”
“People have been charged and even convicted for murder because of such things. Since it occurred outside of the country, I think you'd be okay. Order one from a medical supply company, destroy it, and keep the paperwork. You'd be covered, then.”
“Very smart.”
“A skull on your desk does send a certain message...”
“We have a lot of fun, here, but I'm serious about my business.”
“Dead serious?” he asked with a grin.
“Ooh, Payback wins Pun Tuesday!”
“Today's Thursday.”