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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Penultimate Hustle: L.A. - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Royaltease

The day before the recruitment event, two more rooms were completed. The furniture for the nursery was delivered, much to the delight of Kiki and Dulce. They read stories on the big couch and played games on the clock rug with Candy and Gia.
When Janique come in later and saw Kiki holding a sleeping Dulce in the giant rocking chair, she wanted a baby more than ever. After she put the baby onto the couch to sleep and showed her the 'clock exercises', she felt the same about her.
“Janice'll watch the baby. Go get our dresses...”
Kiki rushed home, equally eager. She wasn't exactly sure what would happen, and it didn't really matter. She was ablaze with anticipation.
Janique got Chris, and then went to Natalia, who was observing the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom, occasionally yelling at workers to clean up their messes.
“Okay, we'd like to see the bedroom...”
“Five minutes,” Natalia said, and slipped away. She returned soon thereafter and said, “Okay.”
Janique gripped Chris's hand as she stepped into another world.
The walls, ceiling and floor were now covered in rich oak panels. Sconces blazed on the walls, casting a romantic glow throughout the room. To one side, a four-post bed with a white linen canopy stood huge and imposing, ornately carved. Dominating the other half of the room, competing for attention, was a roaring stone fireplace, topped by a massive timber shelf.
It was framed on either side by gigantic stained-glass windows that ran from ceiling to floor. The wall opposite held bookcases filled with ancient books, topped with candelabras. Completing the d├ęcor, in front of the fireplace, was a gorgeous bear skin rug, black and silky. It looked as inviting as the bed itself.
Chris noticed her joy, and pulled her close. There were tears in her eyes.
“It's just so wonderful. It keeps getting better.”
He kissed her gently. “Are you happy?”
“Yes! The happiest.”
“That's all that matters.” He took her by the hand and pulled her toward the bed. “Come on,” he said.
“Not yet...”
“Let's wait for Kiki.”
Chris was intrigued, but said nothing. They went back to Natalia, and praised her so highly she blushed.
“I'm glad you like it,” she said. “It was expensive.”
“You know I don't care about that. It's so luxurious! I don't even want to go back to the apartment, now. How about the dungeon?”
“Finished, except we're waiting on a delivery. Medieval torture equipment is hard to find in a hurry.”
“I understand,” Janique said. “The nursery is so cute! I can't wait to film in there.”
“That is so twisted.”
“I know,” Janique said, smiling.
Natalia shuddered.
Janique took Chris into their office and kissed him.
“Put this on,” she told him, pulling out a robe from a box she had set aside. It was a rough approximation of stately king-wear.
He started to undress, and she said, “Allow me, my lord...”
He stood still as she took his clothes off with a slow, intense deliberateness. When he was naked, she held his robe up and he stepped into it.
“Please sit, my king.”
He took his place on the couch, and she slid her hands down his body as she dropped to her knees.
“Oops. Gotta check on the baby. First.”
She jumped back up and ran to the nursery, where Dulce was still sleeping, a faint smile on her face. It was touching, and her internal baby monitor was in overdrive for a child of her own. Janice, sitting in the rocking chair and reading, said softly, “Shoo.”
Returning to the office, she said, “She's fine,” and got back on the floor in front of him. She kissed, licked, and sucked him softly until he was hard, and then began to slowly deep-throat him until she eventually gagged. Her pussy convulsed each time, making it as pleasurable for her as it was for him.
Chris smiled. She was so beautiful, especially when she was aglow with the pleasure of serving him. Her radiance outshone her surrounding, no matter where she was. He tossled her hair with affection, and she smiled up at him with a mouthful of cock.
Janique pushed him toward climax, until they heard, “Yoo-hoo! I'm back!” She slammed her head down one more time, and then released him, catching her breath.
“Give us a moment. I'll be right back.”
Kiki was standing in the hall in an exquisite pink chiffon robe with flowing sleeves wide around her wrists. On her head was a conical hat topped with ribbons. She looked every bit the princess, almost painfully pretty. Over her arm was an even more ornate white dress covered with mother-of-pearl beads.
“You look sooo good!” Janique told her.
“Aww, thank you! I outgrew this one,” she said, raising her elbow slightly. It should fit you great, though.”
“Very ready, to be honest. Brad's been very preoccupied.”
Janique dropped her skirt and top right there in the hall, and she could feel Kiki's approving eyes scan her body. They slipped the dress over her head, and when she emerged, she was met with an unexpected kiss. The very best kind of kiss.
She grabbed Kiki's wrist and led her to the bedroom, standing her in front of a mirror near the fireplace. She was stunned into silence at the furnishings.
“Wait here,” Janique told her.
“What's the scenario?”
In the office, she switched on the cameras, and said, “Okay. She's ready...”
At the door to the bedroom, Chris asked, “What are we doing?”
“Jealous wife,” she told him, pushing him into the room. “Go.”
He walked in, and had to pause for a moment, Kiki looked so tantalizing. She was staring at the into the mirror, tits out, with one hand under her dress, rubbing furiously. She turned to Chris with genuine surprise, looking flushed.
“What are you doing in my wife's bedclothes, wench?”
“I...I'm sorry, sire. I was cleaning the room, and I...wanted to see how it felt to be royalty. To feel beautiful.”
“Take it off. Now!”
“Yes, sire”, she said, curtseying deeply. “Please forgive me!”

She sobbed, and her eyes began emitting real tears. When she was fully undressed the dress on the bed as neatly as she could, never meeting his eyes. Her vulnerability excited Chris to no end.
He shoved her onto the bearskin, positioning her on all fours. Janique, watching on the monitors, began to get wet. She loved seeing Chris in action.
He bellowed at her, accentuating each word with a sharp swat to her snow-white asscheeks.
“Yes, sire! I'm sorry, my lord!” Kiki cried, wincing from the blows. She had never been spanked by a man before in her life, and it filled her with a sensation far different than being spanked by a woman.
Chris began to feel sorry for her, but knew that sympathy could ruin the scene, if he relented too soon. Instead, he gripped a fistful of her hair, and pulled her head back sharply.
“If I catch you in here again, I'll feed you to the hogs. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, sire! Absolutely! Please, forgive me, I beg of you!”
“This is inexcusable.”
He slapped her ass so hard, she collapsed into a heap on the rug, crying real tears of pain. Chris let her lie there for a moment, studying her. After some consideration, he grabbed her hair, and dragged her upright, then threw her backwards across the bed, her long, shapely legs dangling down.
He knelt before her, and slid three fingers into her sopping pussy. Then he pressed his chin into her mound and rubbed it roughly, his stubble rubbing her raw. When his tongue finally found her clit, she began to buck her hips toward him, starting to lose control of herself.
Janique enjoyed the scene, and watched until she felt something approaching jealousy. Not at Kiki, as such, but because she wanted to be in her position. That was good. She could turn it into anger. It was time to move.
She burst into the room, and said, “Husband! What are you doing?”
“I'm, uh, punishing her. I caught her wearing one of your gowns.”
Janique stripped in a flash, although she hated to lose the dress so quickly, and jumped onto the bed. She grabbed Kiki's chin and said, “I ought to cut your throat, you impertinent witch.”
She whimpered and writhed in her grasp. Janique slapped her cheek, and then sat on her face. She ground down on her hard, and then said, “Spread her whore legs, husband...”
He grabbed her ankles, and pulled them apart as far as they would go. Janique spread her pussy, and pushed four fingers into her, as far as they would go. She licked her up and down, and banged her so hard with her hand that Kiki soon came, and squirted all over the bed, and Janique's face, much to her delight.
As she turned around and kissed her, Chris slipped his cock into Kiki, driving her wild yet again.
“Harder, husband!” Janique said. “Punish yon thieving slut.”
She continued to kiss her, sucking on her neck, mindful not to leave marks, and then kissed Chris, all the while pulling on her nipples. It was all too much to take. She was so loud, Janique clamped a hand over her mouth, out of fear of Brad hearing her.
As she lay gasping and shuddering, Janique turned her back over onto her hands and knees, spreading Kiki's cheeks wide.
“Do your worst,” she told Chris.
He nodded. He knew she meant it, too. No mercy. It was a sad and somewhat curious phenomenon, he pondered, that physical beauty alone elicited sympathy or empathy. Kiki could have been a terrible person (although she wasn't), and her looks alone would still have kept him from fully brutalizing her.
He had experienced the same thing with Janique, at various points in their relationship. It was a bell curve. They had started out doing very rough things. Eventually, he came to love her so much that for a time, it was difficult or impossible for him to hurt her.
But like all things Janique, she eventually changed things to her liking.
Oftentimes, the problem anymore was that most women couldn't endure as much pain and abuse as she could. And she herself was almost too vicious, at times. She liked to bitch, scratch, and draw blood. Once she dislocated a girl's arm.
He grabbed Kiki's ass, and Janique dove in ahead of him, ramming her lengthy tongue in and out as deeply as she could. Her asshole pulsed and throbbed. For good measure, she spread it open and spat into it.
Then she grabbed Chris's cock and beat on Kiki's puckering asshole, in order to remove all doubt as to what was coming. Instead of being apprehensive, she wiggled her ass provocatively.
He had been teased for over an hour, now, including the initial cock-sucking with Janique and he was already reaching his limit. Janique laid down in front of her and spread her legs.
He shoved Kiki's face into her, and rammed his considerable cock in to the hilt, holding her head down to muffle her screams.
“Fucking shit!” she said, falling out of character when he released her. She began to work her hand into Janique's pussy, kissing and licking her all the while. Two minutes later, and both girls began to orgasm. Chris slapped he ass and hips, causing her to actually bite Janique.
Janique tried hard to squirt, herself, but never had, so far. In the midst of cumming, she made a note to ask Kiki how she does it.
Ever the gentleman, Chris waited until they were both finished, and then pulled out with a 'pop', depositing a large load on Kiki's open asshole.
“ served,” he announced.
Janique licked and slurped it up, and said, “Yum! Skittle juice...”
Then she pulled the covers back and tucked her in, climbing in beside her and cuddling with her.

“Daddy, go babysit,” she said. “We're taking a nap...”