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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Penultimate Hustle: L.A. - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Training
Soon, Janice was the only one awake. She eventually met the deliverymen downstairs, and showed them where to install Janique's rush order item. When they were done, and had cleaned up to her liking, she pored over the information she had on the building and tenants, in order to make sense of the proposed purchase.
At ten minutes to two, she gently awoke Janique, so she'd have time to prepare for whatever was happening at three. Janice had a pretty good idea of what that would be.
“Thanks, Janice. Is Kiki coming?”
“Yes. Maria called, as well. They should both be here in an hour.”
“Chris, set up three tripods in the break room, plus a hand-held. I'm going to check on the girls.”
The triplets, as she had started to think of them, lay on a single bunk, arranged like three spoons. Lateesha was on the outside, for a change. There was no room, or Janique would have squeezed in with them. Instead, she had to be satisfied with kissing Lateesha awake.
She was instantly wide-eyed and smiling.
“Good morning, Sleeping Booty. We have a shoot in an hour.”
The twins began to wake, as well, and Janique left to check on Chris.
“Cool, huh?” she asked him.
“Yes it is. But the kitchen's so ugly.”
“I know. Natalia's going to redo it, eventually. With five girls, who'll even notice?”
“I guess.”
“I want to make it a fifties nuclear family-type kitchen.”
“But this stays.”
“Oh, it definitely stays. I've always wanted one.”
Kiki arrived a few minutes ahead of Maria, dressed in a short black skirt and a low-cut polka-dotted black and white blouse. She looked stunning, and was definitely hot to fuck.
“So, babysitting, Brad said. Good one.”
“No, I really need you to babysit for an hour or two.”
“Really?” She sounded disappointed.
“Come see, first,” Janique said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the break room.
“You have a gynecologist’s chair? In your kitchen? Janique, that's so wrong. I love it! Can I get in?”
Kiki climbed in, undid the buttons on her top, hiked up her skirt, and then put her feet in the stirrups.
“Now you get in...”
Janique climbed on top of her and kissed her forcefully, then started sucking her tits. Soon she was eating her with four fingers slamming in and out of her pussy.
“Fucking fist me!” Kiki yelled.
Janique balled up her hand and got it wet. It slid home, and Kiki began to cum, screaming so loudly, it could be heard down the hall.
When they were done, Kiki said, “ So was that my first movie?”
“Ooh! I want to be Kiki Love.”
“No, you're Paige Burner.”
“Heh. I read that one. Good and trashy.”
“You remind me of her.”
“Thank you! That's so sweet. Paige is hot.”
“You're hotter,” Janique admitted, climbing down. She switched off the cameras.
“So, anyway, we're auditioning a new girl today, and she had a daughter. I just need you to watch her while we film.”
“No problem,” Kiki said, smiling.
Maria arrived, right on time, and she set her daughter down in the hall just as Janique and Kiki walked out. The little girl ran straight to Kiki.
“Up,” she said, and Kiki picked her up, laughing.
Janique laughed, too, but Maria didn't seem to think it was funny.
“Must be the tits,” Kiki said.
“I'm Maria,” she said. “You can call me Candy. And that's Dulce.”
She was a short, stacked Latina, with creamy brown skin, like a lighter, compressed version of Lateesha.
“Go see Aunt Janice,” Janique told Kiki. “You can sign your contract, and discuss hiding your true salary from Brad.”
“So,” Janique said to Maria. “Ever done any movies?”
“ A few. But I'm good. I'm always the prettiest girl in the room.”
She definitely needed to be taken down a peg.
“Let's get to work.”
Janique knocked on the bedroom door. “Showtime,girls.” She led the pack of eager women to Chris, who got up without her having to say a word.
They followed her into the kitchen, and were filled with glee at the sight of the chair.
“Ooh,” Mia said. “Me, first!”
“No, the seat of dishonor belongs to Candy.”
“I already have a porn name, too,” she said. “Terminally Pretty.”
That was the last straw. “Girls, do your worst... I'll be right back. Chris, stand down.”
She returned with a box of toys, and gave them some rope, which they used to secure Candy's arms and legs to the chair, immobilizing her. Then Janique produced a roll of toilet paper, and began wrapping her head in it.
“Hey!” Maria tried to say, and got a mouthful for her efforts, which she attempted to spit out.
“Shut up, bitch,” Fuckface said, obviously a little jealous of her previous relationship with Mia.
“Say hello to T.P., girls,” Janique said.
“T.P., T.P.,” they chanted, laughing. They were already enjoying humiliating her.
The twins each grabbed dildos and stuffed both of them in her pussy at the same time, stretching her open. Lateesha pulled her nipples hard, and slapped her tits even harder.
“You bitches can't-” Maria started to say, and Janique put her fingers down her throat, making her retch.
“We can do anything we want,” Janique said casually. “Chris, shut her up.”
He moved to climb onto the chair, and she said, “No, with this,” handing him a ballgag. Before she could protest further, he had it in place, and cinched the band tight.
“Anything else?” Janique asked her.
Maria shook her head no, her eyes wide with fear.
The girls laughed, and Lateesha added a third dildo, which obviously hurt. Women were even more cruel than men, Janique realized. As if to confirm this, Gia climbed up and rubbed her ass on the girl's face.
“Yum,” Janique said. “I want a turn.”
Gia got down, and she replaced her, facing forward, and rubbed her wet slit up and down her chin and nose. Unable to resist, Chris kissed her as she did so, and smelled and tasted Kiki on her face.
He grabbed Mia by the hair and forced her to her knees in front of him, where she immediately engulfed the length of him, gagging and drooling as she choked.
Lateesha pulled the toys out of Maria, and Gia filmed her gaping pussy with a handheld as Janique climbed down.
“Next,” she said.
Gia couldn't wait. There was obviously a score to settle. She mounted the chair and rubbed her own ass on her face, pulling her own cunt open for the cameras/
Lateesha replaced Mia in front of Chris, and Janique started handing out strap-ons.
“Everybody gets a turn,” she said.
“Heh,” Lateesha said, pausing her cock sucking for a moment. “We should call her 'doorknob'.”
Chris laughed laughed as Gia rubbed her ass on the girl's face. “No, she is definitely Toilet Paper.”
Janique mounted the chair, licking Gia's pussy and fucking Maria at the same time. Displaying remarkable balance and prowess, Mia put her own strap-on into Janique, forming an epic daisy-chain.
Chris put his own cock into Lateesha's pussy, and she yelled out, “Yes! Fuck me, Mr. Chris!”
Maria's eyes rolled back in her head, and she began to convulse as her body was wracked with orgasms. This set off each of the girls in turn, like a string of firecrackers. The new girl was bathed in sweat, both her own and others', as Janique and the twins climbed down.
Only Chris hadn't cum yet. He climbed on top of her and shoved his now huge cock into her pussy, and Maria bucked involuntarily to meet him.
Janique removed her ballgag.
“You motherfuckers!” Maria got out, before Janique rammed a dirty dildo down her throat. The girls kissed and licked Chris, cheering him on.
“Put it in her ass, Chris,” Mia said. “She hates that.
He pulled out, and Mia guided him home. Maria began to come again, and Janique removed the toy so they could hear her moan and scream. She put the girls on their knees behind Chris, and then joined them.
Finally, he pulled out, leaving her sobbing, and stood before them, stroking his cock. Loads of semen erupted into their waiting mouths.
The girls passed it back and forth until Janique got up and spat the entire mass into Maria's tear-streaked face.
“Lick it off,” she told her, and the girl refused.
She sighed. “Clean her up, girls,” she told her star performers, who did so with gusto.
Janique untied her arms and legs, and Maria said, “You just raped me!”
“No, we auditioned you, as agreed upon. Care to sign with us?”
The money was too much to pass up, of course. Maria's hand shook as she signed the contract, and Janique smiled, pleased. The entire mood changed.
“Welcome to the family,” she said, and kissed Maria sweetly.
The girls each followed suit, and when Chris kissed her, Maria embraced him tightly, pulling him close. It was a relief, as things seemed a bit sketchy to him for a moment.
“Now go get cleaned up,” Janique said. “Work's over for the day.”
“Any jobs?” Mia asked.
“Probably not until Monday. But how would you girls like an advance? I think you've all earned it.”
“Hell yes!” Lateesha said, answering for the group.
“Tell Janice to cut you each checks for ten thousand.”
“Holy shit,” Maria said.
As the girls left, Chris said, “You know that was risky.”
“Maybe. It was hot, though.”
“We need to do better. That could have gone badly.”
“Not really. Five witnesses, and cameras. And you can't argue with the results.”
“She still could have gone to the police and made trouble for us.”
“Is your conscience suddenly bothering you?”
“No. I just feel we need better legal protection.”
Janique kissed him. “I'll write up an audition contract to cover situations like this. But it takes some of the fun out of it.”
“Prison is far less fun,” he said.
“I agree. It won't happen again, my love.”
Brad and Dana soon arrived to meet Kiki, accompanied by another bearded character, wearing a crystal ball necklace in a silver eagle's claw, and...a cape.
“Leo Swan, at your service, m'lady,” he said, with a flourish.
Janique was forced to smile. He had none of Brad's awkward shyness.
“Hello, Leo. I've heard great things about you.”
“I could say the same. So I hear you're hiring...”
“I am. You would be the last of our core employees.”
“That's good. I already quit my job.”
Janique raised an eyebrow. “You're pretty confident.”
“I am confident in Brad's judgment, and my own abilities, yes.”
“I like that. Go see Janice in there,” she said. “Tell her you need checks for the four of you. I hear she has her pen out.”
The girls came out, and surrounded Brad and Dana.
“Hello, boys,” Mia said.
Brad was uncomfortable as always, but Dana put his arms around the twins, looking like a geeky Hugh Hefner.
“We loved 'Floor Candy', Dana. And this is Candy...” Janique said, introducing her.
“I have a new one I'm working on. It's about a plucky naval captain, me, and his all-girl crew. I call it 'Battleship Mandy Potemkin.”
“You know you're off-camera talent...”
“And the title is too obscure and hipster. Call it 'All Hands On Dick'.”
He laughed. “That's good!”
“Now go play. I need to talk to papa, here,” she said, indicating Brad. The girls giggled and led him by the hand to the bedroom.
In her office, they sat and talked with Chris.
“So, the owner finally told me about the sale,” Brad said. “It looks like it's all systems go, eh?”
“Of course. You should never doubt me, Brad.”
“I'm starting to understand that. Please excuse my skepticism.”
“Not a problem.”
“So is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yes! I don't know what to do with all this footage. Some of it is film, some of it is videotape. And a lot of the handheld stuff is shaky.”
“Steadi-Cam,” Leo said, walking in.
“What's that?” Chris asked.
“A body harness for cameras. It uses gyroscopes to stabilize the shots. Very nice.”
“Cool! Thanks!” Janique said.
“It's the least I could do,” he said, waving his check in the air.
“We can convert the film to videotape,” Brad said. “And you can get a real edit bay.”
“Also, you should be using Hi-8 or SVHS.”
“What's that?” Chris asked.
“Pro gear. It's what the TV stations use. Better quality and duplication, among other things.”
“Make a list for Janice,” Janique said.
“We can get it all wholesale through the store.”
“Better yet.”
Kiki walked in with Dulce.
“Brad, I want a baby,” she said.
“Better put a ring on it, Brad,” Janique said.
“Oh, he did. Look.” Kiki displayed a tasteful one-caret diamond ring.
“Nice! That reminds me. I want one, too, Chris.”
“Okay,” he said easily.
“A baby. Not a ring,” Janique said, smiling.
“I knew that,” he laughed.
“I guess we need to step up the nursery efforts. Also, Brad, I need a computer for the law office.”
“Okay. Anything else?”
“That's it for today. I'm beat. See you guys Monday...”