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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Too Long For Facebook

If it wasn't for the color of law, they'd be some dead ass muhfukkasz.

How's that for shit-stirring? I should start a database of cop names and information. Seems completely legal, but, oh, the implications and ramifications. I'd have to move into an empty concrete bunker.

I'm fine with that. As long as people Sirius Cybernetics Corporation the shit out of them if it ever goes down.

Thinking about it, it's "legal" for them to investigate us in any number of ways. If we, as citizens (dutiful citizens, say I), attempted to investigate their lives, it would be deemed illegal. But i'd like to see a lot more cops lose their jobs and go to prison, for sure. There's gotta be ways to make it happen.

G. Gordon Liddy is God. At least he is if you read his autobiography. He says that while in the DC prison, he obtained a linesman's handset, That's the telephone receiver (the thing you talk into) connected to a pair of wires with alligator clips.

With analog phones, you can just physically tap into the line and listen. So, he started setting the guards up, letting them know what other guard their wife was sleeping with, etc. Using insider information to cause chaos.

But there will always be hundreds of thousands of people in line to be police officers. There's really not much better than that for a psychopath. In fact, what the ultrarich do along those line, they have to do in secret. Not cops. They can just beat the shit out of you or kill you with impunity. In broad daylight. With cameras running. Even though you're innocent.

All I'm really saying is that they should be held accountable to the same laws we are.That's not asking for much, is it? They're also bankrupting cities and counties around the map. Making cops carry their own personal liability insurance would solve most problems overnight.

(Meh. I was blabbing away on Facebook to no one in particular, and thought, why not start putting crap like this on my mostly dead blog? So, not really read or edited. I honestly don't care very much.)