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Friday, May 31, 2013

Penultimate Hustle: L.A. - Chapter Six

6 – Perfection

Janique held the door open and the girls walked in, forming a vee ahead of her. Already, she loved her entourage. They were a sexy little female gang. The shop was quiet and empty, and the proprietor's eyes bulged at the sight of them. But he played it cool, as though this sort of thing happened every day.

Hi,” she said. “I need five thousand cards on your priciest stock. Black, with gold embossed lettering, in this distribution.”

He accepted the list with the text she wanted, and she found herself amused at the sight as his eyes grew wider still.

Wow,” he said. “Ordinarily, I'd caution you about ordering so many at once, but you seem, uh, very confident. Let me see what it'll cost.”

He forced himself to focus on his adding machine for a moment, and eventually said, “Eight-hundred and fifty-six dollars. My name's Romeo Montague, by the way.”

Romeo Montague? Seriously?”

Yeah. Montague's my family name, and I guess my parents thought it would be funny. I'm not much of a Casanova though, to mix metaphors."

Janique laughed. “How long would it take?”

This number? Oh, three days.”

We can make it an even thousand. Two days.” She had no pressing need to get them that quickly, but she was enjoying the power play.

I'd have to work overtime, but I think I can do that. I work alone,” he added.

An idea formed in her head, but she resisted the urge to announce it too soon.

Well, I can give you cash, or-”

How'd you like to fuck the shit out of us, instead?” Mia said, shamelessly.

Romeo's facade crumbled, and his face went pale, and then bright red.

Gee, I don't know. I need the money, and Julie'd kill me.”

Your wife's name is Julie? Close enough, I guess,” Janique said. “Do you have any kids?”

He nodded. “Yep. Pride and Joy.”

That's their names?”


Very cool. So what do you say?”

I'm torn. It's a very, uh, tempting offer. I mean, I love my wife...”

But she doesn't get down like the porno bitches, right?”

Right,” he admitted.

Well, we do get down like the porno bitches. And we're very discreet. Does she ever come here?”

No, she hates the shop. She wants me to spend more time with her and the girls. But the sales just aren't there to hire anyone, and I don't trust anyone to run the place, anyway.”

I might be able to offer a solution. And I can promise you the best sex you've ever had. Right now.”

He caved, and moved to lock the door. “We Romeos do have high libidos...”

Wait. You don't mess with nasty street whores, do you? Escorts, maybe?” Janique asked.

Me? No way. I could never cheat on my wife.”

Well, this isn't cheating. It's business. Girls, set up the cameras.” she commanded, and they scrambled to set up tripods near the back of the room.

Cameras?” Romeo gulped in apprehension. He was afraid he was getting himself into a blackmail situation.

Company policy. Otherwise, it's prostitution. And I need you to sign a release form.”

I don't know about all this,” he admitted.

Does Julie watch porn?”


Some women are like that. It's an insecurity or something. But at least you know she'll never see it. Anyway, do we have a deal?” She proffered the release form.

Romeo sighed, defeated by his desires. “Yes.” He scrawled his name on the form.

I'll need a copy of your driver's license, too.”

Driver's license?” He looked up, and Janique had her tits out. “No problem.”

Ready, girls?” she called out.

Yes, mommy,” Gia said. “We're rolling.”

'Come on, Romeo. Let's see if you can live up to your name.” She led him by the hand to the center of the three cameras the girls had arranged, and pulled her own handheld from her bag.

Strip,” she told the four of them. He hesitated, and Janique grew annoyed. “For fuck's sake. This is not the time and place for modesty. We don't care about what kind of shape you're in.”

The girls disrobed, and then help him finish taking off his clothes.

Ever fuck a black girl?” Lateesha whispered in his ear.

Romeo shook his head no.

The girls tried not to look disappointed at his somewhat undersized dick, which had grown hard, despite the stress and pressure of the situation. Mia and Gia knelt in front of him, taking turns swallowing his cock and licking his balls. When Lateesha tried to spread and lick his ass, he panicked.

What are you doing?”

Relax,” Janique said, getting some nice shots of the action. This was good, she thought. It had pathos.

He did, and Lateesha tried again. But the moment she touched him with her tongue, he pulled out of Gia's mouth and squirted on the carpet.

Bad Romeo!” Janique scolded. “I ought to make you lick it up.” Something about him brought out her dominant side, one that she ordinarily reserved for females. “On your hands and knees, worm.”

Powerless, he did as she told him. Janique slipped out of her clothes single-handedly, laid down in front of him, and spread her legs, continuing to film. “Now eat my pussy,” she said. He was more than happy to oblige.

Mia and Gia got on their backs and slid under him, and Lateesha licked his ass and balls from behind. Apparently, that was her thing. They all began to get into it again, when he came a second time. The twins devoured it, and then complained.

Mommy, he came again,” Mia said, disappointed.

This was going nowhere fast.

Spank his fucking ass, girls,” she told them, changing her approach.

Janique rose and stood in front of him, looking down at him both figuratively and literally. The girls paddled him with delight, and she was unsurprised to see that he had already regained his erection.

Romeo, you're going to stick your dick in each of my girls before we go. Do you understand me?”

Yes, ma'am,” he said meekly.

The three lined lined up on their hands and knees, and Janique moved him behind Lateesha, who was on the left this time. She guided his cock into her and urged him on. “Fuck her hard,” she said, and he did his best to follow orders. After a minute or so, Janique made him pull out and she cleaned the delicious taste off of him.

Next,” she said, and moved him to Mia, repeating the process. When he had finally reached Gia, Romeo couldn't take any more. Three strokes later, and he came all over her 'Perfection' tattoo. Lateesha and Mia lapped it up for the cameras, and then snowballed each other, before spitting it all into Gia's mouth.

For shame, Romeo,” Janique said. “I was going to let you fuck me, next.”

I don't think I could handle it,” he admitted, and laid back, panting and exhausted.

Professionals to the end, the girls switched off the cameras and pulled towels from their bags. They dried the sweat from his body, and the twins laid on either side of him and cuddled as he caught his breath. To Romeo, that was the best part. He nearly cried at their gentleness and consideration.

I want to buy the shop,” Janique announced unexpectedly.

He raised his head to look at her. The girls moved to get dressed and pack up the gear.
I'm listening,” he said. At that point, he would have given it to her.

I propose a lump sum buy-out arrangement, and I'll retain you as a consultant. You can train some of my people, and draw a salary. Not to mention,” she said, “you can have sex with one of them every week.”

Romeo was stunned, but he knew a good deal when he heard one. It was too enticing to pass up.

Deal,” he said without thinking.

Great. Now you can spend more time at home, and get away when you need to.”

This is like a dream come true. How could I say no?”

Please,” she said. “It's what I do. This place is about to become Beverly Hills' best kept secret. Girls, tell Mr. Romeo goodbye.”

Each delivered him an open-mouthed kiss, and walked out without a word.

We'll be in touch,” Janique called out over her shoulder.

At the curb, they found the cabbie waiting for them.

San Fernando?” he asked with a grin.