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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Your New Role Model: Pandora Poikilos

Are you an aspiring author? Want to succeed in the writer game?

No? I don't know what to say to that.

Yes? Meet your new role model, Pandora Poikilos. She is talented, sweet, helpful, and sells tons of books. I submit to you that she is your model for achieving your aspirations.

Observe her tasteful homepage:

Her very active blog:

Her very upbeat Facebook page: (~12,000 likes)

Her very active Twitter account:!/pandorapoikilos (~135,000 followers)

She's even somewhat active on Google+:

Fourteen books, fiction and non, on Amazon:

But it's not the fact that she's on top of the social media that makes her a success. Pandora is constantly arranging blog tours, giveaways and promotional packages that help out tons of other authors, as well.

My point is if you want to sell books and live an interesting life, you would do well to emulate her actions and attitude. Cheers, Dora. You're an inspiration to us all.