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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

October Surprise - No Free Books

If we can start a quiet campaign now and generally agree not to give any books away during the month of October (especially Halloween-themed books!), we can see if we can positively affect the bank accounts of struggling authors.

Do your part to spread the word. A book worth reading is worth paying for. You've stopped deforestation (Okay, not really, but, you know. It's a start.) Now let's stop literary devaluation.

Or perhaps come up with a catchier slogan. But let's stand together and sell some books, indie authors. Stop cannibalizing your sales, just for the month of October.

Heh, okay, I like that one.

1 comment:

  1. Paper books are made from sustainable sources, trees grown as a crop, so actually paper production means more trees, not less.

    I do rather agree with you about giving away books. But people will go on doing it as long as they believe it will give their book an advantage - I doubt you'll get them to work together for the common good.